Infection / Destruction / Hope

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The Morningstar Saga
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Postmortem Communications
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I don't recall if it was here or elsewhere...  But someone once came up with the idea of a suit made of babies to protect them against the undead. 

He was talked down due to the fact that the zombies would bite a chunk out of a baby, causing two things in cascading effect....

1. Crying babies would attract the undead like a dinner bell.

2. The babies would quickly turn, turning your armor into a biting machine of death focused on the nummy treats underneath it.  Namely you.

"Old necromancers never die."

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Officially Hardcore Whore
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i remember the baby suit...musta been here or over at raps site

Don't let it bring you down,'s only castles burning....just find someone who's turning...and you will come around

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id get something hard on my hands and for arms, and legs, even with kevlar, the bite could tear muscle without tearing through the kevlar.

"Legal" and "illegal" are fuzzy gray areas for me.

I go with "moral" and "immoral" instead. Those are usually pretty clear-cut.

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