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The Morningstar Saga
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Hell I can game on the toilet.....and take it with me.

"LOS ANGELES - Have an XBox Live membership and a smartphone or tablet? Then this applies to you.

XBox announced today in advance of E3, the giant Electronic Entertainment Expo here, that it is jumping into this year's big gaming shift, using touch screen devices to interact with and control media through your game console and then display content on your TV, Windows 8 PC or portable device.

Just don't expect to pick up an Xbox branded tablet controller for the experience…yet. The new functionality, dubbed "XBox SmartGlass," is being touted as an app for existing smartphones and tablets, which might make folks happy to learn if they're already up to their ears in gadgets and controllers.   "


"Sometimes when you roll the dice, you come up with craps, and I rolled craps."

Originally Posted by Doomsday
If the zeds come, and if you've survived, and if you manage to find a comfortable situation, please don't underestimate slippery ninja-ness of the undead.

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