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brony guardian
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i was just saw high school of the dead and in episode 11 and 12 the President  of the US  launches  an controversial preemptive nuclear strike at China, North Korea and Russia while the crew at the International Space Station watches in horror as both the US and (in retaliation) Russia launches their ICBMs(he belive that the other countries will launch theirs at the US) .

do you really see something like this happing and do you think most could be shot down with anti-ballistic missiles like in the show?

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Zombie Slayer
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I don't think the US would use nuclear weapons on anybody, specifically because of the uncontrolled retaliation by Russia and China. 

On us, I think they would go with fuel-air bombs to get the cities burning and then not have to worry about radiation poisoning during a future re-build.  Dresden burned quite easily during WWII.

The Star Wars program research has already proved that the current system could NOT stop a massive attack. However, the ABM system has proved it could stop small attacks ( 1-3 weapons), but the failure rate is still too high; otherwise the system would be generally is not right now.

"When a guy walks away from three 5.56 rounds to the face, then I will give up my AR15."

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Grizzly Spitter
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If the situation got bad enough maybe. I agree with Doc though, fire bombs would be deployed first.

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I could see some middle eastern nations using nukes on Iserail, or even terrorists using them on targets of opportunity. Heck even North Korea might even us a nuke. I have to agree with Doc as well I don't really see the U.S. using nukes on other nations as well as our own. Now FAE's (Fuel Air Explosive) without a doubt hell even a MOAB or two I could see us using on our own soil.

Carrier Chow
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I'm with phil0352, MOAB bombs are a true possibility.
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Jedi Swagger
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China is like a loan shark. If he kills you. he doesnt get the money back. if he roughs you up a bit. it sends a message, but i could be wrong.

"What would drive a man to dress like a nocturnal animal and beat up people in parking lots is beyond me."
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