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The Morningstar Saga
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                          November 10th 2010 hell day

             Malik sits outside star-bucks reading an anime book that he just got from the Barnes & Noble next door.  It’s a cool nice day and lots of people are outside enjoying the Florida fall weather before it starts to get cold.   He is deep in the book when he realizes it starting to get dark and he hears a low humming sound.  He puts his book down and looks up when someone points and says “what is that thing up there?”  Malik with the rest of the customers outside see something like an airship with a huge dark, black cloud around it moving from west from the Gulf of Mexico toward them. “It looks like a big ass blimp”, an older white man says as he points at it. The clouds part from around the airship and Malik see hundreds of flashes and contrails coming from the airship in their direction.  Everyone is still standing and watching but, something in Malik tells him to move inside and he go inside the star-bucks. The door just closes behind him when an explosion blows the glass out of the door and throws him forward under a table.  Before he can think or move something hits the roof of the building making the roof collapse down on him and he blacks out.

          “What the hell happen?” Malik both thinks and says out loud as he gets up from under the rubble.  The table he was thrown under kept most of the roof from falling on him. He looks himself over and other that his ears are ringing, his noise is bleeding, he is a little dazed and confused he is ok overall. He checks his watch and he see he was out for an hour and looks at his backpack that he had on. The blood and shrapnel covering packed saved him from getting impaled by glass.  He thinks as he throws it down “My shit stops the shrapnel.” He walks away from the fallen building into the parking lot and just stops from what he sees. Outside there is mass carnage with bodies everywhere, cars on fire, a red colored smoke is hanging in the air, and there are monster bats the size of a cars ripping, tearing and eating the dead and wounded. Malik looks around and there are hundreds of them attacking and eating anyone that is moving.  His brain is having a hard time understanding what he is seeing because, it can’t be real. One of the bats lands right next to Malik and he looks the beast right in the eye.  He sees himself in its blood red eye and does not move. The beast comes within inches of his face and opens its mouth showing off a pair of 6 inch canine teeth but, he still does not move. The beast closes it mouth and smells him and looks at him like it’s thinking of killing when, all the bats look off to the north and fly away.

      Sometime after the bats have left, Malik looks at some of the wounded to see if anyone else is still alive. No one is and other then the sound of fire burning and things blowing up in the distance, nothing is moving.  His mind races as he thinks “what in god name was that?  I hope my mother is ok. I need to call her.”, and he tries his cell phone.  He has bars but the lines are down and he starts to look for a car to try to drive to his mom apartment with.  He checks a Florida Highway Patrol car that was undamaged in the attack and there are no keys for it. He finds the trooper with the keys half pulled up a tree and pulls him down.  He takes the cops glock 37, ammo and keys to the car and moves to the car.  In the trunk of the car he takes out a wood stock Remington 870 Express, 4 boxes of 12ga and 45gap ammo and a blue tarp. He covers the dead trooper with the blue tarp and get back in the car sitting the shotgun on the seat next to him and puts the glock in his waste ban. “I ‘am coming just hold on”, he said and he pulls off heading to his moms places. As he leaves the lot the blue tarp moves and a heart ripped out FHP trooper rises and start to walk after the leaving car. 

     Malik takes the back roads because he unsure of what is out there or what he might run into. As he goes down a neighborhood street he stops in front of house on fire with a man in tactical gear with a gun in his mouth sitting by the curb. The man takes the gun out of his mouth, looks at Malik with blood red eyes from crying and starts talking to him. “There was just too many of them. I train for the day when a war was going to happen but, when it came I failed. I was a part of a militia group and we train for war and I let everyone down.  These   supernatural fast moving soldiers dress as World war 2 Nazis attack our home base and I just stood there as they killed everyone.” ,the man said.  “Well it not your fault, you tried but shit happens.” Malik said to him as he takes the gun from his waste ban.  The man looks at him with a look of pure insanity “I had to kill all my friends again! They just looked at me and left me there with all my dead friends around me!  They all had their necks ripped out and were dead but, they were not dead. They got back up and attacked me and I had to shoot them and I set our home base on fire.  I was going to try to see maybe if any other units made it but when I saw these monster bats fly by I just gave up and was going to kill myself. Maybe I could tell them I am sorry for my cowardness.”   The man starts to cry and raise the gun back to his mouth when Malik stops him. “If you’re going to kill yourself man, then that is taking the easy way out.  So, you’re a coward? You think any human was made to see this shit and fight it! I was in a building that fell down on me and when I got out I saw people getting eaten by monsters. So if you want to be a bitch and kill yourself find with me! You wanted to play soldier and be a mall ninja, well now the shits has hit the fan and it real. I need guns and help if I am going to make it and you are both.” Malik get out and unlocks the back door “the choice is yours. You can get in the car and help me save my mom and anyone else or you can stay here and die and let those things eat you”, Malik points down the street at a mass of dead human walk toward them “make up your mind fast cause I can’t wait around! This is your chance to make up for what happen.” The man gets up and starts loading his gear into the back of the car. “My name is Owen and I want to live.”,  Malik helps him load cases of ammo, 4 large army duffle bag and a mix pile of rifles and shotguns into the back of the car and trunk.  “You’re not going to run off when the fight starts are you?” Malik ask as both Owen and him get into the car. “I think god is giving me a chance to save my soul for letting my friends my die. I will not run or be a coward again.” Owen said from the back of the squad car. “Good then, now let’s get out of here”, Malik said as he puts the car gear and starts heading north again to his mom place.
   As the head north they see more people that should be dead but are still walking around. Malik and Owen debate what they are and after shooting and running over one, they come to the conclusions that there zombies.  When they get to the apartments Malik stops in the parking lot to find out the plan from Owen.  “Well, what is the plan my man?” asks Malik as he gets out and lets Owen out from the back seat. “Oh no Malik, I am just here to take orders. After what happen at the house when I was in charge I just going to let someone else be the leader.” Owen says as he opens a large army duffle bag. “Well, ok then, there is a police station right up the street. I want you to go there and look for anything helpful and a ride for yourself. After I get my stuff and my mom we are going to make a convoy and head to the national forest that is in not far from here. It should be safe there because, these things are mostly in the cities”, Malik said looking at a map he pulled up on the cruisers computer.  “Yes sir, do you want anything better than that handgun and shotgun? I would be more than happy to left you have anything you want, we had a lot of guns”, Owen said as he loads a glock 19 into a holster and checks an AR15A3. Malik checks what is in the bags. There is a mix of handguns with most being glocks, rugers, 3 sig’s,   and the rest are revolves. He check the pile and other army duffle bag with longs guns in it and there are a mix of shotguns both short barrel and combat,  3 ak-47, one AR-15s, one 7615 Police and  a short barreled  arsenal Inc. krinkov  and FN p-90.  He looks at   both p-90 and krinkov and choose the krinkov because he knows how to use an AK-47 and takes 3 magazines for in. “If you guys were a militia group why so few AR or assault rifles?” Malik ask. “Well we had more guns but the Nazi’s destroy most of the weapons and those 2 short barreled rifles were my CO personal weapons.” Owen tells Malik. After talking over the plan again they nod to each other and go their way to do their jobs. Malik has the rem 870 strap to his back with the glock in a pocket and the AK for his main gun.

   He moves slowly checking everywhere for movement but, all is still as he goes up the outside stair to the front door. He unlocks it and moves inside and listens for anything but, all is still.  He calls out and he hear someone in the master bedroom and he moves to the door and turn the knob with one hand and keeps the AK point at the door.  As soon as the door opens someone comes at him with a baseball bat and he ducks knocking that person to the ground.  After a few second on the ground fighting, his mom see it him and they both get up. “I thought it was one of them and they were coming for me!” she said halfway crying and talking.  After letting his mom cry and ask him a few question he tell her to get all the food, warm clothing and anything else she thinks they might need and load it into the car and he hands her the 870 shotgun. “Were did you get a cop car from?” she ask him. “There was a dead cop and I took the keys off his dead body.  We need the car and my friend is going to the police station to take some things we might need”, Malik tells here as he puts on a mix of hunting and surplus military clothing and slides the glock into a shoulder holster.  She was about to ask some more questions when, Malik cuts her off “We don’t have time for any more questions! We need to load up the car and get out of here and also I have to show you how to use this shotgun so you can cover me if needed”, She tell him ok and there start to take stuff from the apartment to the car and he shows her how to use the rem 870. 

     They were coming out of the apartment for their last trip down stairs when Malik stops and points at someone in the apartment’s court. 20 yards from the building a man is wearing a Waffen-SS uniform and is talking to himself and eating someone.  Whispering   Malik tells his mom to take aim up here on the rail and he is going to move closer and try for a head shots.  Malik gives the thumbs up and they both start shooting.  Malik fires his gun emptying the 30 round magazine into the head and upper body of the Nazi and the Nazi goes down but starts to get up very slowing from the surprise attack.  Malik runs down the stair having a hard time getting a new magazine into the gun and drops it, drawing and firing the glock at point black range into the Nazi head.  The Nazi goes down into a pile of dust and Malik turns to his mom and  said  “Well this asshole is dead now, you might also want to reload now .”, His mom with a wide eye look comes and looks at the pile of ash with a pair of Short fangs hang out of its mouth. “What in all of heaven is that thing?” she says out loud giving the pile of ash a poke with a stick. “Why it’s a Nazi vampire. Only vampires turn to ash or so they say. But it looks like it for real and the part about head shots is also true it seems to”, Malik said reloading a magazine into his gun.  “It looks like hell has come to earth and this is the judgment day for mankind. But if we stand together we will make it”, Malik said out loud looking off to the south at the smoke of the city. A police ford bronco pulls up in the parking lot and honks and Owen get out walking up to them.  “I found a diesel Ford Bronco and lots of diesel fuel for it. There also a 1000 gal tank outback of the police station and we need to get some gas cans to fill up.  It looks like someone killed everyone in the police station with a machine gun   because the place has bullet holes in everything. Lots of bodies are everywhere and it looks like they didn’t ever get off a shot. Whoever killed the cops left didn’t take anything and I found some more stuff we can use. I also took some radios so we can talk to each other on the road.”,  Owen hand Malik one and the 3 of them do a meet and greet , talk over the plan, learn how to use their weapons from Owen  , and last they make a  list of places they need to go to get things they need before leaving.

    After they find everything they need from the department stores in the area and fill up some gas can they start to head north to the national forest.  Five miles from the national forest 3 hummers and M2 Bradley block the road. A platoon of soldiers in chemical warfare gear stand in the road with guns ready to shoot pointed at them.  They come to a stop and a Staff Sergeant tells them all civilians should head to the Naval Air Station in Pensacola to get out of the United States to their fall back sight. “That bullshit, we can’t make it there. We need your help if we are going to get there.” Malik said looking the masked soldier in the face. “Well Mr. Malik, we have orders to attack the city behind you and most of the large cities are war zones right now. You’re group is well armed and you have lots of fuel, I am not going to ask where or how you got those things but, if you want to live. Go to the Naval Air Station, it one of the few base left in the state that is still standing.” The soldier said to Malik. “How do you know my name?” Malik ask “Well we have a face recognition camera on one of the hummers, so we know all your names and you check out and you’re not criminals. It’s why we are not going to disarm you and take your misapproped vehicles.  Look there is something you can do for me. We have some unarmed civilians that need to go to the same place as you but, we don’t have the time to get an escort for them. If you make a convoy and take them with you, I have the power under marshal law to make your group security contractors working with the government. You would not have to deal with the check points, it would look good after all this is over, and you will not be asked to give up your stuff.” The solider tells Malik.  After talking it over with Owen and his mom, he tells the soldier they will do it.  The soldiers and Owen pass out the guns from the duffle bags Owen has and they give a quick lesion on how to use weapons. Malik and Owen  tell any info they know about what’s in the city and anything they have seen and  last the staff sergeant tells the other civilians that there in charge and follow what they say  before moving out on the again with Malik at the front of the convoy and Owen at the rear.

      A few miles down the road, Malik looks at the passes and ID they were giving when Owen comes on over the radio. “Malik do you think it a bio attack? You saw those soldiers back there, there is something air-born or they would not have that on.” he said. “Well if it is we all have it and so were SOL. You know maybe –“, Malik was about to say something when the roar of jets cut him off. Malik put his head out the passenger side window and see A-10 fighters loaded down with bomb fly so low he can see the pilots. Owen comes back on the radio after the jets pass by “Well it looks like the Staff Sergeant was right, we are at war and the cities are not safe.” Owen said. “Do you think the other people in the convoy trust us and think we are really PMC?” Malik ask Owen over the radio. “Well most people are sheep, there scary and looking for someone to tell them what to do. I think even if they don’t like or trust us they will do as we say.  The man driving that school bus behind you his name is Bill Overbeck and he is a gulf war veteran. He knows were not PMC’s but, he said he would stand with us if we need it and not tell the rest were not security contractors. He has an Ar15 and a glock with him.” Owen said over the radio. “I pull up safe route to the air station and as long as we drive during the day and at night rest with one of the 4 of us on guard we should make it with little trouble. I am taking a nap and signing out now. “, Malik said putting down the radio.

     The convey moves easily going north and as they get closer to the air station more vehicles join the convoy. The last 100 miles before they get to base they pass thought a city to get food and for the first time they get a close look at a winning battle.  They pass soldiers guarding a dead dragon the size of an eight story building that had crash into some buildings. After seeing that they could be killed, morally in the convey goes up and everyone get more hopeful about their survival.  When they get within sight of the base some people did not want to wait and pass Malik in the front to be the first one on the base. As Malik gets closer to the base he see that a heavy battle had been going on there and there’s burning vehicles all over the place. As Malik pulls to a stop behind the people who pass him he sees them just standing there look at the mess. Before he gets out of his car Owen comes over the radio. “Dam it, I told them don’t get out tell we clear it!  Ok, let try to get them back in their cars and make a group to check the base. Weapons hot everyone, there might be some bats around here.” Owen said over the radio. Malik hears Overbeck telling the children on his bus to stay onboard and weapons safety’s being taken off and both his mom and him get out.  

   As his mom helps an older woman back to her car, Malik hear Overbeck yell out “Bat’s at your six!” and he starts shooting.  Some people starts running to their cars, other start shooting, some are running like chicken with their head cut off and other to his horror are still standing there looking at the bats coming at them.  Malik drops a very big one that was trying to get a running child and it‘s body falls on a BMW crushing the empty car.  Malik looks for the next target when the see to his left a woman holding a small child and standing there as a bat comes fly down at her. “Down, down, get your ass down so I can shoot!” Malik running at her yells but, she does not move.  He pushes her to the ground in time for the bat to miss her but the bat rams into his side pushing him and it into a fighting ball of wings and arms. Malik AK is pulled off of him by the bat as it tries to get a hold of him. He pulls away from it but the bat jump onto his chest knocking the wind out of him. The bat raise its wing claw and at the same time as Malik gets his glock out but before he can shoot the bat drives it claw into his chest. He does not even feel it and lets lose 6 shots into the beast mouth and it fall back off of him.  As he feels the blackness coming and hears his mom crying his name he thinks “well I see you later” and then there is nothing.

   Malik hears the sounds of people talking and feels that he is in a bed. He moves a little but pain shoots up from his chest and he stays still. He opens his eyes and there is a young woman looking down at him. Malik see the fangs and jumps trying to pull away from her. His mother quickly runs over to calm down him down and the young woman talk softly trying to avert his fears.  After he calms down, the vampire girl talks to him. “My name is Karin Maaka and I did not mean to scary you but, after what you have seen being fearful is understandable. I guess it’s why they asked me to talk to you and help take care of you, I don’t look too scary.  You’re a lucky you know that?  We were told a convey was coming and the marines were hiding in the main building on the lookout for you guys. All other personal were on the USNS Comfort when we hear the gun fire and we hear to be ready for wounded and possibly a KIA. The bat was trying to pull your heart out when you killed it and it did a lot of damage to your heart and you were bleeding out and in shock. When you came into the ER they said you were going to die but a few of our team are heart surgeons and they found you a new heart.  The bats DNA is like stem cells it will mix with anything.  You must understand they experiment on you because you were dying and it was the only way to save your life.” She pauses   to check his IV. “The one you shot they removed its heart and put it in you. It was a success and it bonded with your body better they thought. You are going to be better than ok  just look at your chest, it heal a lot faster than any human would after having open  heart surgery just three  days ago. Every doctor on the floor has come and looked at you, your recovering at a speed that can be seen.” the vampire stops talking and waits for him to take it all in.

   “What the hell is going on and what am I?” Malik said quietly looking down at his hands in fear of the answers.  “What you are is something we don’t know. Humans, werewolves, vampires and other monster all have DNA that is close to each other, like monkeys and humans.  The bats were lab animals that we were using for blood substitute research and we used human and vampire DNA.  So, they’re carries of the vampire virus and it’s why they can turn humans into vampires or ghouls. I am a blood producing vampire and my blood kills the vampire virus, heals humans, feed other vampires, keeps a human from dying and does many other things. Well you were dying and I gave you a lot of my blood and this is the first time we have done organ transplantation from a bat to a human. We have in the lab taken human organs and put them in a bat so we know it can be done. If you felling any pain it’s the vampire virus trying to take over but, my blood well kill the virus. So, they are calling you a human-vampire-bat hybrid. They will be studying to see what happens. You’re not going to die but it’s unknown what will happen next.” Karin said giving him a kind caring look. “What is a blood giving vampire? I have never heard of that before.” Malik ask. “Well, not all vampires are sterile and can reproduce.  It’s comes down when you were turn and many other factors but,  If a male vampire has sex with a female human and does not bite her, then a blood making vampire is made that is not sterile. If a female vampire gets with a male human then a human-vampire children are born that are sterile. The blood makers are just like humans for the most part but we have increased depth perception, sense of smell, hearing, healing and we eat human food. The human-vampire children are like vampire but lack some of the powers and weakness. So, I am just like you, I don’t fall into one group.” Karin said.

“Why did this happen?” Malik ask Karin “In the beginning there was war between the species and many died. Then one day a being you humans call Satan came and for survival of all species they banded together to fight him. When it was over we all had lost many but a peace accorded was made between the species and laws were passed like never to attack humans, not to don’t drink human blood, not hunt or attack each other anymore. There was peace but, one group did not want the peace and liked the killing of old. This group was called Millennium and was made of the worst of each species; they are the scum of the earth.  The vampires were made to police these laws and keep the peace and we have kept them in line but, they were building an army.  We have been with the human governments for a long time and you humans got pulled into our war.  Their plan was to restart the war and they tried to do a power grab on the princess ruler of all vampires and at the same time they did a worldwide attack on all of the powerful nations of the world to kill of any human forces they could. The Selene coven, the  Mina Þepeº coven,  Maaka covens, and the  vampire princess forces are the  4 most powerful vampires coven and we were given  the task of getting the humans and the rest of the races up to speed and get them ready for this  war. “, Karin stops and looks at him and sees he is not believing what she is saying. “ I know you ran into the bad vampires but, look around at most of the doctors here.  Vampires and other things were sent to help any human armed forces and my team is all medical staff humans and vampires. We don’t hate you and I hope in time you can trust us.” Karin stops talking again because she sees he is still not getting what she saying and digs into her bag and pulls some things from her bag. “I was talking to your mother and I thought you might want these things”, Karin said with a smile and sits an I-pod and his blood stained shoulder holster with an M9A1 berretta in it. Malik picks up the gun and hold it like a talisman to his body. “She told me what bands you like and I download some of them for you. Sorry, the holster was the only thing I could save of yours. The gun is loaded and there are 2 spare magazines for it in your rig. It should give you peace of mind if you still scared with all these vampires around.” she said. Karin checks Malik over and gives him something to sleep in his IV. “I gave you something so you can get some rest because you and everyone else on broad have been conscripted and you will get your training in Iraq.  So get some rest because you’re in World war 3 now.” Karin said as Malik falls asleep.

Welcome to Death Weapon Meister Academy. More commonly known as the DWMA. It stands as a defense against the forces of zombies , which would plunge the world into chaos and drag humanity into the very depths of fear and madness. The demons known as zombies , and their eternal hunger for destruction. To ensure that zombies never take hold on this world, this Academy was founded. So basically we're an organization that serves to protect and preserve peace! I guess it's not exactly a typical school. Oh well, that isn't important! For now, lets roll up our sleeves and get to work!
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