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The Morningstar Saga
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Prolog:  Ten years have pass since “Hell Day” and World War 3 has been a bloody fight for both humans and there monster allies.  Most of the civilian human race has been moved to Africa and South America to the safe zones and there Inhuman enemies have been kept at bay in the north.  Now the war has come to braking point for the Allies.  One worldwide attack will decide the fate of the war and if darkness will rule the earth.

                                     December 20, 2020 joint forces base Kars, Turkey

    The Command Chief Master goes to the room of the Lieutenant Colonel to give him the reports of the day and wake him up.  She comes in seeing the room is a mess and the Lieutenant Colonel is still sleeping. “Malik, it’s time to rise and shine”, she said and give him a little push. He turns over and goes back to sleep. “Lieutenant Colonel Malik, get your lazy ass out of this bed and go to meet your men!  Don’t make me beat your but boy, you’re not too old for it!” she yell at him pulling the covers off the bed and forcefully awakening him. He gets up pissed, cussing and saying he should have never made her an E-9 but, he gets dressed as she reads the reports for the day from a tablet computer. “About time you got up. Your wife has been asking about you and you know my feelings about her.  Also Longwei just got in and he started eating a bat in-front of the rookies. You need to talk to him about doing that, the men are already fearful as it is. I really dislike them both but, at least Longwei I know were his loyalties are and I know the story with him. “, She said as she helps him with his gear. “I’m not in the mood today for this!  You have been saying the same things since my wedding day and you never have liked her!  I love her and she is my wife get used to it!  And for Longwei, I will talk to him.  He is a vicious relative of the Monstrous sky terrors you know and he is like all dragons, they love showing off how good a hunter they are.   But don’t start any mess today!  I had a blood memory nightmare last night and I have been up with HQ all night! ”, Malik yells with his eyes glowing golden. “I did not know you had blood memories. I had heard some people go crazy from them but, I did not know you all of you had them.  I am sorry for hating your wife, it just I feel she has change you. You act different and it’s like you are a new person from the little boy I raised.   I am very sorry and I will try to be nicer to her.”, his mother said. “I am sorry for yelling at you, it’s just with everything and what HQ told me last night I have not been sleeping well. Come on let go to morning payers, today we all really need It.”, Malik said. They give each other a hug and go to morning payers.  As they head there his mother reads off the rest of the reports and he does not like what he is hearing.


    After prayers all the battle group forces head to the Mission briefing room and Malik goes to the front of the room with his mother beside him and watches the troops come in.  He sees his wife Captain Karin come in checking  the supplies of her M-5 medical bag and the two Russian Special Forces Officers, Sergeant Major Gedeon and Staff Sergeant Aleksandrina, talking as they walk past.  Then he sees his new rookies for the first time.  Most of them are dress in a mix of civilian clothing and varies military gear and are green 17 years olds conscriptes and don’t look like they could fight. “It’s worst they you told me. How I am going to follow my orders with this lot? There just high school kids and most of them are scare of their allies” He said to his mother beside him. He sees the rookies try to find places on the far side of the room from their monster allies. After everyone is seated Malik starts the Mission briefing. “I have some order from HQ that need to be readied before we start the briefing. As of today all IASF forces will be combined into one military. The highest rank CO in the area will take over command   of units or make new mix forces units.  That means I will be taking over command of the brigade and we will become the Air-force 1st joint Special operations brigade.  Also, we have been asked to test some new weapons in combat.  The FNH scar Heat Adaptive Modular Adaptive Combat weapon system A3 and the HK 416 A3 will be replacing many of the weapons in use now.”, Malik hear groans of discontent after the men hear that and he goes on “I know you like your old stuff but, the new scar is many weapons in one and both the scarA3 and 416A3 have the chemical makeup as dragon skin. They will not over heat and were made for the combat of WW3.   Our old weapons will be going to the Civilian Irregular Defense and Civil Guard. Our snipers will be testing 3 new long-range fire support/ anti-materiel rifles.” Malik points at two were-wolves to sit one down on the table. “They are 30mm sniper weapons and All 3 has a maximum range over   4000+ meters and can even snipe fast moving missiles. Only non-humans can use and move around with this system with relative ease.” he said and sits something down next to it.

      Malik turns on a 3d hologram that projects a map into midair “Now for the mission, Today is the day people!  At 1300 hours we will take part in the world wide attack of all Millennium and Santorio corporation forces. The goal is to push them back to the 60th parallel north and 40th parallel south. If our forces succeed in doing this, the war will be over in south and we will make the push to their arctic circle and Antarctic strong holds and ends this once and for all. Our part we be to attack the Azerbaijan Stone Mining Field Labs in The republic of Georgia code name the mines.” he points at the 3D map. “As you can see these labs are miles underground and have extremely heavy defenses.  So, HQ is giving us the use of the satellite weapon Thor to destroy this complex.   We will have no air power for this because HQ needed all of our jets and helicopters for a different attack so; we are given some drop ships from the space fleet from Field Marshal Alucard.  There is a rare ore around the labs that blocks radar and they only can see out to 20 miles, so we will land and have to hike 20 miles to the target.  So here the plan, because dragons and witches on broom will not set off the AA guns, Lilija witches and I will fly over the area to do recon first and to find and target the AA defense. The witches will use the C-21 Dragon VTOL Assault Ship to tow them with a rope to the combat area and Longwei and I will ride on top of the Albatross heavy-lift drop ship.   Sniper squad will take the small C-21 Dragon VTOL Assault Ship land 1st and take up sniper positions to take out the AA guns.   After sniper squad is in place, the rookies of good Company will land north of the Mining Field in the Albatross heavy-lift drop ship with Sergeant Major Gedeon leading it and move to edge of the mining fields and wait.   Because of our heavy losses, bad company will be made of Aatto squad of werewolves, the US Marine rifle platoon and the vampire company with Lieutenant Atherton leading it. Bad will be using the 77 Heavy-Troop Carrier and Overlord troop gunship and land south of mining fields. Bad will be carrying the thors hammer laser to paint the target.  One small platoon of each company will stay at the LZ for security of the drops ships. The sign to begin the attack will be the song “We're Not Gonna Take It “and it will be on the world wide link.   Bad will turn on the laser first to paint the target and then the sniper will take out the AA defenses.   Remember it will take thor 10 minutes to link up and lock on so we have to hold out for that long. The 77 and overlord dropship, once the attack starts, will fly in and give us the air cover. After  thors has a lock we will have 8 minutes to reach the  minimum safe  distance before it fires, so move your ass and don’t fall behind.  If we fail to get a good lock then, we will have to remove the core of the muon-catalyzed fusion reactor on one of the drop ships and take it inside of the labs and use it as a bomb.  This lab has to be taken out!  Some of you have not seen a bat so here is what one looks like”, Malik brings two photos. “.  Bats come in two sizes. Most are between 5.6–6.5 feet tall and Weight about 140–240 lbs. and there is the monsters size that are 50 feet high and weight of 4 tons.  The smaller ones are just bats and take about 5-10 rounds to put down. The monster ones have the ability of a sonic screech that is powerful enough to destroy structures.  To kill one of the monsters you need a lot of fire power like air power or anti-tank weapons.  At the base there will thousands of the small bats and an unknown number human armed forces on us so, stay together and listen to your CO’s if you want to live.  Now anything anyone wants to ask or add before we end this briefing?” Malik looks around for any questions.

     Every rookie raises their hands like a group of excited school kids. “I am not a vampire if that what you all want to know.  I was the first one to get a bat organ transplant and one of the side effects is that you grow a tapetum lucidum layer of tissue in the eyes. It why my eyes are gold colored.”  Half of the rookies put their hands down.  “Most vampires have a fatal allergic reaction to Ultraviolet radiation.  Once a vampire kills and drinks human blood, it changes them and makes them allergic to sun light. Bad vampires come at night and the good ones can move around during the day.”  Most of the rookies put their hands down.  One of the older Somali girl soldiers with a Russian Army Afghanistan Chest Rig on stands up.  “Dragons enemies yes? How you ride dragon and why be your friend?” she ask. Malik smiles and looks at Longwei lying down in the back. “Back when I was a Captain, my platoon was out on patrol when we saw a dragon was in one of the traps.  This one was different than the rest in that it was it was ebony wood colored with jade yellowish-green cat-like eyes and I saw its control collar was knocked off.   In the past we have seen dragons runaway when the controller was gone and this one was rare looking and was to pretty to kill so, I told my team to watch my back and I move to cut it loose. I pull my Kukri knife to cut the netting off of it and told it I am letting you go.  When I cut it loose he jump back some and looked me in the eyes and asked in English why I did that and I told him why.  We talked some and I learned much and because I spare his life he told me i owned it now.  As a show of good faith Longwei told me to ride on his back and when we got back to base and after some debate, I got the  Colonel to let  Longwei  into my platoon(the Major General told the Colonel to  give  me free rein to do as a like) .  Longwei spying, recon, and enemy info has saved many lives over the years and he has got other dragons to join our side. They hate Millennium for enslaving there kind and they want the same things us. There extremely aggressive when they have a control collar on but with it off there peaceful and very friendly, but have attitude.  Most dragons are very curious creatures and very intelligent.   Without a control collar there not our enemies remember that. How I ride him you ask? Well Longwei and I design the dragon saddle from a Western saddle so, someone can ride and fight in the air with a dragon.    Now any more questions?” Malik looks around and no one has anything to add. “All right then.  Make sure you wear your shemagh, goggles, radio, ammo carriers, camelback and armor if you think you need it, you’re going to be running and hiking.  Make sure dress for cold weather and if you need to know anything else ask your CO. dismiss.” Everyone leaves to get ready for battle.

     Malik sits on the back of Longwei listening to music playing over the radios and watching the display in his HUD goggles.  He look to his left and sees the witches dress only in their  light MultiCam ACU being tow behind   the C-21 with their GPMG scars and belts of ammo hook onto their brooms. These super strong 7 foot Amazon woman were the stuff nightmares were made of and the way he was dress with his flight suit on and his shemagh pulled up over his face, they all looked like some Invading demon army.  As they get near the border it starts snowing and he gets ready to check the combat area for other aircraft.  “This is Lieutenant Colonel Malik call sign pigeon. Is there anyone mining today?” he sees aircraft KC-10 call sign kung Fu panda come up and his HUD goggles. “It’s been a long time pigeon!  I have not heard from you since we both were fighter ace pilots in the 99nd Tactical Fighter Squadron. We should meet some time and have some tea and talk about old time. ”, he said with others talking in the back ground over the radio. “I would like that man, you can meet my wife and we can catch up.  What are you doing here?” Malik said and hears more talking in the back ground over the radio. “Well we were making our run from Tehran to Odessa pumping gas, when we got some birds. We can out run them but, there is a big bird and about 500 little birds our tail.  We should be long gone by the time you get here.  What are you in man? I not seeing anything on my HUD beside you name and call sign.” He asks. “Longwei the dragon, now get off the radio Major Po.” Malik said with a smile. “Yes sir, Lieutenant Colonel Pigeon sir! The bet is still on from the Round Table were we made ace in a day.  You many have 16 medals and Air Force Cross but, I just got my Distinguished Flying Cross for the Round Table  and I have 13 medals now. Anyways, be careful out there.” He signs off.  Malik happy with the news that they will have  to deal with so many bats now, tells Longwei  he is going to take a nap and wake him when they get to the release point.  When they get to the release point instated of wakening him, Longwei jumps off the back of the drop ship and falls 300 feet before leveling out and laughing when he wakes up and almost falls off his back.

   They arrive over the target and start locking targets in.  Malik checks to see were the grounds forces are and he see one group is behind. He sends a text to Sergeant Major Gedeon “why are you not in place?” He get back some of the rookie can’t keep up and are too scary to go on and he text back “just tell them to stay where they are at and get in your place”.  Malik goes back to picking targets and he sees why they had to hike in.  The base has lines of  machine guns pits with mk 47 grenade launchers, anti-aircraft mines, ZSU-23-4 Shilka AA guns, Phalanx CIWS and m167 Vulcan air defense guns. There is even an Aegis Combat System and men with Stinger and other Man-portable air-defense systems walking the base. He receives a text that all units are ready and in place and they all wait for 1300 hours to come.  He watches in his HUD as one of the snipers takes aim at a solider with a stinger and he hears the song start.  Some of the enemy soldiers hear it over in their radios and start nodding along with it. The laser from the south team comes on and the enemy runs into their fighting positions and start firing on the laser team. The sniper team and north team let loose with their heavy weapons and explosions start happening all over the base as High explosive incendiary sniper rounds and 40 mm grenades take out defenses. The witches and Malik from the air do command and control of the battle field.   “More   LAW, RPG 7, and M136 AT4 on those Phalanx CIWS and m167 Vulcan air defense guns, were not carrying them back you know.  Used those M1060 sparingly, the bats are not here yet. Just use the M433 HEDP and M397. Save the Milkor MGL-140 for the bats” he said over the radio to different ground forces. One of the witches tells him they have SEAD of AA guns and she calls in an air strike. “The rain is coming, take cover.” He sees from the scope of one of the snipers that two werewolves have gone fur and are ripping enemy soldiers apart. “Someone get there asses in cover and make them change back before they get shot” Malike said over the radio.

The witches and Malik fly to a higher altitude as air-to-surface missiles and rockets hit their targets.  He guides in AGM-88 super HARM’s on the Aegis Combat System and watches it burn with a smile on his face. “We now have SEAD on all targets and it looks like all human ground forces are dead. Ok, good job everyone! This is easier then I --” he stops as he see a cloud of bat coming out   from the center of the base. “BATS! BATS! BATS! Firing line on me air team! Gunships come in hot and fast now and used the Multi-Purpose Ballistc Missile at the back edge of the cloud.   Everyone take cover and use 40mm M1060 and any heavy weapons you have first after the burst and then free to fire and all teams move to the laser!” He pulls his GPMG scar off the saddle horn and loads a M1060 into the Ergonomic Grenade Launching Module under it.  The witches stand up on their brooms like a surfer on a board and come into a line formation with him. “Everyone get ready and no one look into the burst or you will go blind. “ Malik said over the radio. The cloud of bat is four miles away when the Ballistc Missile flies under them and into the cloud of bats.  He watches as the missile splits into multiple warheads and closes his eyes as it detonates in massive explosion in mid-air.  He feels the heat of it even from three and a half miles away and waits tell it over before opening his eyes.    He hears the rookies, some crying, asking what just happen over the radio. “That was the Multi-Purpose Burst Missile Mk.I.  Once it hits its target it creates a powerful burst with a diameter of 5,000ft.   Most times we don’t use it around TIC because it’s a very powerful thermobaric weapon and it has an Inflammation effect.   Now, 2nd and 3nd wave of bats are coming and we have to hold for 3 minutes and the ships we be here in 4 minutes so, fight like the devil coming for you because it is.” Malik said and get ready for what coming.

The bat come at them like a dark rain and when they get in range they open up with everything they have. 40mm grenade, RPG, general purpose machine gun and heavy sniper rounds fly into the cloud of bats exploding  with hundreds of burning  bat bodies falling from the sky but, still they come.  When the bat get within 200 yards the witches break from Malik side diving into a dogfight and everyone goes free.  He cuts loose an empty 400 round ammo can from the saddle and Longwei fly over the cloud of bats to pick his targets.  They dive into the cloud with Longwei chasing down bats, barbequing some with his fire and eating any he could get with Malik shooting away.  He turns seeing a witch with 6 bats on her tail. “Vanessa, you got bats on your tail. Break right when I say and we will get them”, Maliks said reloading his gun again and dropping an empty can.  He gets behind her and tells her to break and he let loose with his GPMG scar. As they fly by Longwei catches a bat trying to pull up  and he rips it apart like it paper with some of the blood flying on Malik.  The killing over takes all the non-human soldiers and it over takes him to with his eyes going pure gold.  He hears Estasi Dell Anima playing over the radio with a mix of battle cries, crying, growls, and all kinds of inhuman sounds and the entire world is a killing field.   All he thinks and does is kill more bats not thinking or worrying about the rounds and RPGs flying past him. A bat jump on his back trying to pull him off and he draws his M9A1 and shoot past his head killing it. They all lose track of time and fight in a nearly uncontrollable, trance-like fury killing anything and helping their friends when they need it.  He throws a hand grenade and takes out 7 bats when a sound of someone screaming in pain breaks the trance. Malik see one of the rookies has got picked up by a bat and is firing away trying to get it off of him.  “Dam it!!  Longwei you take the bat and I will grab the man”, Malik said putting his GPM back on his saddle horn.  Longwei flies from behind the bat and bites into it head like a ripe melon and Malik grabs the soldier locking a carabineer onto the man tab on his vest. They fly to the ground and he see the soldier has a neck wound and he takes off his shemagh and makes a tourniquet with it. “Medic! Medic! We have a neck wound here and I trying to stop the bleeding!” he calls out over the radio. The combat medic Karin comes running over under cover fire. She starts working on him and tells Malik she needs an evac right now. “All right the Albatross   is still a minute out so, put him on Longwei and go meet it. Take this in case he turns” he said handing her his M9A1. “I will not let it come to that but I know what to do”, she says taking the gun and putting the wound man on Longwei .He takes his FNP-45 Tactical, a last ammo can and GPM off of Longwei and runs to join the rest of his men.

In the pit with his men he lets loose with the rest of them and he see if the gun ship don’t get here soon there going to be over run or the laser will fire and kill them soon.  He drops more bats and he runs out of ammo and goes to his side arm. The  song Frontlines by Nonpoint  playing over the radio and he see Lilija get attack by 3 bats and fall off her broom into a  snowdrift. He jumps out of the pit shoot off the bats on her and carries her   back to the pit. “Gunships were you at? The lasers is going to fire in 7 minutes, were low on ammo, there too many bats to count and Lilija and her witches are running into trouble. Also whoever is playing that music over the radios, Cut that shit out! We do not need a soundtrack.” He said over the radio. Engine sound and then the sound of heavy weapons give him an answer. “This is the Overlord sorry we took so long, we had to pick of the rookies and we had some engine trouble. The C-21 is picking up the snipers and will be joining use soon and the Albatross is landing now.” The pilot said. “Alright rookies pull out to the albatross then the 77 Heavy-Troop Carrier land and pick up the human half of bad and the overlord you land last. When the C-21 gets here witches you pull out on it. Cover as you pull out.” Malik said picking up Lilija GPM and covering the rookies. The rail guns and 30mm cannons of the drop ships lay waste to the bats and he yells at the rookie to move faster. “Everyone is onboard and do you want us to stay to lay down fire?” the albatross pilot asks. “When you’re loaded leave the area as fast as you can. Do not wait around!” He yells over the radio. A bat lands in front of him and Lilija cuts it in half with sword. The albatross leaves and the C-21 fly overhead to lay down more fire as the 77 Heavy-Troop Carrier lands.  The human half of bad company and Lilija runs to the dropship and it takes off firing anti-personnel rockets. “Fire some smoke rounds into the bat cloud and the rest of bad pull out.  The witches and I will cover you.”, Malik said firing some smoke rounds. Soon a thick cloud of smoke covers the battle field and Longwei lands next to Malik and the Overlord lands. “Colonel, the overlord had an overload in the reactor and the computer is telling us we can’t carry both you and Longwei. If we did the reactor would have shut down because we would be too heavy.  Maybe the C-21 can do it?” the overlord pilot said. “No, the C-21 is small VTOL and is not powerful enough.  I want you to guys you to leave and get away and I will give you 2 minutes of cover fire before I take off on Longwei. Now get the hell out of here before the laser hits, that’s an order!” he yells and picks up a drop M1060 round.  The ship takes off and  he give them 2 minutes of cover with an enemy M240  and then fires his last M1060 round and get on Longwei to fly out of there.  He sees the bats are after them but he tell Longwei to fly higher and push it. “Fly faster we have 3 minutes to get to safety.” Malik tells Longwei.  They are still 6 miles from safety when the countdown hits zero and the attack alarm goes off in his helmet. Longwei land and tell him to lay face down on the ground and he will cover him with his body.  In the dark under the dragon he fells the ground jump under him as the laser hits and he watches as a volcanic ash cloud comes at them in his HUD.  The ground under starts to heat up and he can’t hear anything over the freight train sounds all around him and he passes out from the heat.

  He feels something licking his face and opens his eyes and Longwei is looking down at him. “About time you got up. You passed out from heatstroke from all that gear you have on.” Longwei said as Malik gets up looking around.  The sky is a hazy pale yellow color with a mix of snow and ash falling so dense that it’s almost pitched black. A gaseous sulfur smell is in the air. “How are we alive and why were you licking me?” Malik ask Longwei looking him right in the eye.  “I am a black death.  My kind is heat poof and has a very thick armor skin. I never told you this but most human weapons can’t harm me.  I covered you with me body and protected you from the fall out.  I licked you to try to wake you up and you are covered in bat parts and I love the taste. You’re not human my friend, just check your HUD and see how hot it got under me. No human would have survived that.” Longwei said in a matter of fact way. He checks his HUD and the temp. had got up to 220 and in shock he nod to Longwei and thank him.  He checks his gear and cuts loose the melt saddle from Longwei back and picks up his scar and look at the melted polymer. “You know this is the nineteenth time I almost died and not since the battle of the round table was I scary like today. You know Longwei you’re the only real friend I really have and I am really happy we met”, he said taking apart the weapon.” I feel the same way to buddy. I am glad at the round table when I was on your tail of your F-4E that I did not take you down.” Longwei said give him weird dragon smile. “That was you? How you know you know it was me?” Malik ask surprised. “I fled pass your cockpit and come on! You were flying an all-black jet with white Tiger Stripes, it stands out.” Longwei said. Malik laughs at that and then plays with his HUD computer and gets a date link from the space control-monitoring ship Kosmonaut Yuri Gagarin off shore. “This is Lieutenant colonel Malik of the 1st joint Special operations brigade.  Target is destroy and is just a large Crater.  Did anyone of the attack group make and where are you now?” he said over the radio. The EMP is making communication hard and he hears nothing beside the wind. “Allâhu Akbar your alive Lieutenant colonel, everyone was worry about you.  I am the pilot of the C-21 and we all made it out before the laser hit. We have some wounded but everyone is going to be ok.  We’re about 10 miles from base and will be landing soon, do you need pick up?”  The pilot asks. “No, Longwei and I will fly back but my IFF is down.  You all did a good job and I did not want to tell you all this before.  There will be a party back the base and all forces have 2 weeks of down time coming before we make the big push north. I will see you back at base.” Malik said and signs off.  He jumps on Longwei covered in ash, wet from dragon Saliva and sticky with bat blood and remains and they head home.

On the way back he hears the US President giving a speech over the radio. “The joined human and other forces from around the world have launched the largest attack in the history of mankind. Mankind, that word should have new meaning for all of us today. I met a young captain a few years ago that was the first person to have a bat organ transplant.   He had made friends of a dragon, his most hated enemy, even though there kind killed many of his friends.  We can't be consumed by our petty differences any more. We are united in our common interest.  We are fighting for not for freedom from tyranny, oppression, or persecution, but from annihilation. We're fighting for our right to live, to exist; and I am getting reports even now that our attacks were successful on different fronts. We were force into a war we did not start or wanted but we have been fighting it for long then we have known. We've been fighting this war for a long time. We are outnumbered by Millennium and they are working around the clock, without quit to kill us all. There is a storm on the horizon in the north, a time of hardship and pain. This battle has been won, but the war against the Millennium races on. There global network in the north   remains strong, but we will not quit, until all of it is destroyed. Humans have a strength that cannot be measured and we will win.  Today we declared in one voice, 'We will not go quietly into the night! We will not vanish without a fight! We're going to live on, we're going to survive!"

Welcome to Death Weapon Meister Academy. More commonly known as the DWMA. It stands as a defense against the forces of zombies , which would plunge the world into chaos and drag humanity into the very depths of fear and madness. The demons known as zombies , and their eternal hunger for destruction. To ensure that zombies never take hold on this world, this Academy was founded. So basically we're an organization that serves to protect and preserve peace! I guess it's not exactly a typical school. Oh well, that isn't important! For now, lets roll up our sleeves and get to work!
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