Infection / Destruction / Hope

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The Morningstar Saga
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This is a MSS fiction that can be roleplaying if anyone so chooses.  it starts as a team in Northern California trying to make it to a lone outpost.  one of the last vestages of refuge in the surrounding areas.  The team is mixed with soldiers, civilians ect. you can join at anytime either as part of the group. a merc, a raider or whatever.

  Detachment Delta this is Camelot.  Your orders are to proceed to Yosemite National Park.  The engagements at San Francisco and Tijuana have failed to contain the outbreak.  Off the record.  We believe it went airborne.  There hasn't been word from General Sherman in Africa.  I can only assume it the same storm hit them as well. Godspeed.  here are your coordinates.

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