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i know there are a few similar threads out there but here i go.

there are about 300million people that live the United States not including illegeal imagrents. there are from 500,000 to 600,000 military personel with less then 1/3 out of the country at bases, embassys, and iraq. 800,000 law enforcement personnel in the U.S. (includs military). there are over 300 time's that in civilian numbers so if the there is a zombie outbreak across the contry our military/law inforcments would be screwd from it being spread to thin even with the civilians who have firearms help out (9/10 own firearms guess from what i heard). there wouldn't even be enough supplys for a long tern engagment.

so do you think we would have the uperhand? not from what i heard.

if there will be or has been an outbreak the goverment will keep quiet as long as they can and punish any who would try to leak the info like in z's book. so once it starts hitting them hard they'le lose all controle and no one will know what to do in this event. the MSS, Zombie Squad, etc would have as much survivle ratting as a military grunt's and thats barly above avrege citisens that dont even give a care about weapons and paw's(zpaw). we have a little bit of an edge above others but not much, becuse no one has truly faced it or has the right mind set and that can kill anyone if the don't get their acts together. we can only be ready for the very basic's.

any other info or agrements/arguments are welcome to share but don't talk about my spelling and gramer i already know im bad at it!!!

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There are 90 guns per 100 residents in the USA, but that does not at all mean that 90 out of 100 residents own guns. That's just the number of registered firearms compared to the number of people. Most of the homes that have firearms hold multiple firearms, which balances out the  number of homes that do not possess firearms. 

I'm not nitpicking or anything, I just saw that you heard that statistic so I thought I'd clarify what it really meant.

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