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Carrier Chow
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I know there are some old topics on what to have in a bug out bag or in your car and so-on but, here's something I came up with a long time ago. As I do a lot of different time period reenactments this list helps me keep up with what I will need for each event. I update it as needed. I thought maybe some of you might like to see my list. Of course I wouldn't be taking everything on the list all at once, but it covers everything I have and might need. The first column is for a check mark if the item is needed for the trip. The second column is for a check mark once it is loaded or is already in the vehicle.

I also have a complete list of all of my firearms and projectile weapons. I do not have a full list of my bladed tools and weapons or any other weapons as of yet.

If any of you have a list I'd like to see them or hear about your ideas.  


I was born down the street from the Alamo, I was gone for a while and moved back to Texas and don't plan on leaven it again.
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