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Something I noticed lacking in most ZPaw stories. I would imagine that most survivors would have some form of Post-traumatic stress disorder. It might be worth exploring when developing characters.

There was a hint of it in Rick of the walking dead when he went off the deep end after his wife died. Seeing the whole world shattered with the seemingly impossible horrors of a zpaw how could you not be affected? What would the mental makeup be of a group of survivors? Would  it be the norm to have symptoms of PTSD? 



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Hah. Not PTSD, but ongoing traumatic stress disorder.
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< agrees to ^


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you see the psychological damage sometimes, like roger in original Dawn of the dead.  and the ones who just let the inner animal loose and autofire on living and dead alike. but the ones who are really shell shocked and just curl up, well, they become zombie kibble, and its not much of a story
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I disagree.  I always thought it was one of the more interesting aspects of a ZPAW.  Not the guys who snap and go crazy and become the living villains, but the guys who are struggling against a relentless nightmare that they can't beat out of their head.

The problem is that the larger audience doesn't tend to want to delve into that.  I always wanted my zombies to be so horrible that they made everybody quiver.  But I've read on other message boards people complaining about characters actually being scared of zombies.  "With as much as we talk about zombies these days?? I think you'd get over the shock pretty quick."

I guess you can't write in the vacuum of not knowing what a "zombie" is anymore.  But I'll still take that classic story of an unnamed horde of shambling ghouls any day, because not knowing what the hell is going on is half the fun.

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Well, it's like our troops on the battlefield, you learn to deal with it on a day to day basis and drive on.  Then, when you have downtime, you wrangle with that inner turmoil as best you can and get by as well as you can.  Of course, some do better than others, and if you have others dealing with the same issues, they become your support group.

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