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Why do we come across this as the way to get rid of hordes? Iv never heard of the Thermobaric bomb options being brought in to use in a ZPAW scenarios and that's meant to be second most devastating to the Nuke. Its cleaner long term as well.

While reading a Zed book recently there was an issue of a horde of around 400k zeds, Nuclear was mentioned. But my idea would be to get say a load of crop dusters and fill them with petrol/kerosene and just spray the horde ala The Expendables. 

Anyone think that could work?


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I guess it could the only issue is how long could the zeds keep walking while on fire and how close are they to a human settlement?

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They have all kinds of heavy equipment. I thought this thing might be good for running through a hoard. It's the right size for most urban applications. Several in a formation would mow down most any size hoard.


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at a guess a couple reasons. first off... since these are fiction works, nukes are easy for the reader to understand without extra technical extrapolation. words spent explaining weapons systems are words that cant be used for dialogue, plot and action.  2nd come on nukes are cool    and 3rd, aren't there a few cities you would like to  see turned to radioactive glass  I mean the thought of seeing Paris nuked makes my dick hard
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Nothing like a flail tank. 

Or something like one of these flail trimmers. I've used the full size one before and it's a blast if you don't tip over. Build an armored cab, water pumps with sprayers and good wipers to keep the glass clear and you're ready to go. 

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