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The Morningstar Saga
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I saw it, I liked it... I walked out of the theater much happier than I was at the end of The Green Hornet, that's for sure. So, for my childhood re-envisioning, we're two for three, Batman and the Masked Man for, the Hornet mostly against. Kato and the Black Beauty were still cool.

Initially, I was a little worried about the setting of the movie, since Texas Rangers didn't make a lot of sense there, but whatever. I got over it. The Rangers weren't really Rangers at that time, anyway, having been disbanded by the Union. I got over that, too. Hah.

It was a fun movie. In the words of The Boy, I knew it was good because I really had to pee when it was over.

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P.A. Warrior
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Hah!  That's good to hear.  Thanks for the review, PS.  I was 50/50 on this, and I hadn't heard any reviews from real people, but we were looking for something to see in theaters since we missed out on Iron Man.

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Yeah I enjoyed it too, saw it shortly after it came out. Sucks that the critics raked it so hard, which is why it didn't make any money. Fuck them, man. 
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