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The 3rd and final Morningstar Saga book, SURVIVORS, is now available for pre-order here!

The Morningstar Saga
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Carrier Chow
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My new novel Stixx was recently published in kindle and paperback formats. It's reasonably priced and if in anyone is in the mood for a UK set vampire murder mystery, it would be great if you would check it out. The fab artwork is by Craig Paton, who does all of Permuted Press author, Iain McKinnon's covers;

Here is the blurb;


There’s a murderer loose in Greystones, a small estuary village tucked against the wintry, wooded trails of O’Halloran Hill. The gory body count begins to rise, sending the media into an all-out feeding frenzy. The village is swamped with police and onlookers, and everybody wants to catch ‘The Vampire Killer’.

While the hunt is on James Stixx and his partner-in-crime, Faye Burns discover that beneath the surface is a whole different story, a mystery that goes back decades. The teenagers find everyone has something to lose, or secrets to bury.

And all the while the vampire is waiting … choosing its moment to strike …

"A menacing, well-written tale of horror and mystery adventure. Salem's Lot meets the Hardy Boys." ~ V.M. Zito, author of THE RETURN MAN

Dead Beat by Remy Porter is out now at ...also see for news of reviews and interviews, plus future works by the author.
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