Infection / Destruction / Hope

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The Morningstar Saga
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just finished watching it. wasn't to bad. Low body count, and they werent zombies, more like infected in 28 days later.  i think they made it on a fairly low budget, but used the money they had well.  no big name actors, but the ones they used did good.  no flashy special effects  like car chases and explosions.  and i think they CGI'd the choppers and stuff.  they look ok but you see them at a distance. i actually would be curious how much it cost to make...... must be careful feel rant oncoming...... i mean they give michael Bey 100 million to make a pile of mind numbing crap with explosions and cheezy dialogue, while this used crazy things like story, acting, suspense and  stuff.   ----end rant

again, not great but good. was only 9 dollar dvd

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Three words: too many helicopters.

Seriously. Engaging movie, though.

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