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It was a typical summer day in Panetown, New Jersey. It was late August so the breeze comforted the children playing outside. It was almost dinner time and adults were making there way back home from work during rush hour. At the Ash's house brothers Alex and Michael were playing baseball with good friends Josh and Matt. Josh and I were down 1 run in the last inning of our game. Josh was on first." Just a duck on the pond" I thought to myself. Michael threw his joke of a knuckleball and I waited on it. At the last possible second I smacked the ball and an ear ringing "PINGGG" ran throughout the tiny Ash field.

The ball sailed over the fence for a home run. Josh and I trotted the bases in ecstasy crying out, "We're the champs baby! We did it!" Michael and Matt solemnly walked into the house following Josh and my exit from the field to the house. Michael was very upset because seldom did he and Matt ever lose a baseball game to Josh and Alex who they referred to as the runts of their families. Lenna, the Jamaican house keeper who could be the wisest most insightful women you will ever meet or the demon wielding Jamaican spatula woman from hell, is loved by the Ash family and friends and is plays a big part in the Ash family by providing wisdom, knowledge, and love. Lenna served all 4 of us easy mac and it was relished by all. We then went upstairs and left Lenna to watch her shows including jeopardy and wheel of fortune. We all went to Michael's room to watch the Yankee game. The TV was left on Fox 5 News. What was on? A headline stating "Catastrophe in Boston" faded into the TV and glued our eyes. A cute brunette reporter who looked like she was putting on such a fake smile that it deserved an Emmy cleared her throat and began to speak. "Welcome everybody in the tri-state region to channel five news. I'm Julie Cortez bringing you the latest in the Boston riots. Last night we received reports of murders in the Boston, Massachusetts area.

Each dead person identified had a bite wound. Some people were rescued by these cannibalistic attackers but the bite showed 100% mortality rate even if it was as tiny as a hang nail. The autopsy's in most Boston hospitals became overrun. How does this happen you may ask? Those who got bit from these i guess all we can call them for now are attackers shows immediate sign of infection and death as stated earlier. However the victims rise and attack the living just like the other attackers. These infected are very quick and now very abundant in Boston. The national guard are not doing a great job of containment and it is likely this virus will reach the New England area. We now go to virologist Tim Reese to provide us on some info of this virus entitled the Rage virus." Michael shut off the TV. I never saw my brother more pale in the whole 18 years I've known him. We ran downstairs to Lenna and she was also glued to the TV in awe as it showed a riot in Boston. People were looting stores, houses, and supermarkets.

Gunshots rang sporadically and then a group of infected appeared on the marina. One of them ran into the frantic crowd and jumped on a red headed man tearing open his throat. Blood was everywhere. Minutes later the red headed man rose with an animal like look in his eye. He then ran into the mob picking off an old lady. That's when I turned off the TV. I mean what am i supposed to do? Lenna, Michael, Josh, and Matt were piss scared and I knew i needed to think of a way to calm everybody down and think rational in case the Rage hit the metropolitan area. Hell, that shit storm would never reach us. We are perfectly safe I thought. But then again I was a 15 year old teenager so I knew everything. Lenna broke out in tears. "My son and grandchildren are in Brooklyn and here I am in this house cowering. Lord almighty what do i do please help me." Michael took charge, cleared his throat and spoke in a monotonous voice. I could tell he was scared."Lenna when my parents get home they will bring you to the bus stop and you can be with Kieth and Maleka and the rest of your family." Lenna grabbed a tissue from her sweat pant pocket and blew her nose then sniffled a bit. "Oh god bless you Michael. Thank you." Josh and Matt were staying at our house for the month because his parents were on a business trip in Mexico.

My parents got home just as scared and confused as us and agreed to drop Lenna off at the bus stop. Knowing Rage could never reach us and never reach Brooklyn of course with my genius 15 year old mind i didn't go for the drive to the bus stop. I told Lenna goodnight promising I'd see her soon. That would be the first promise I ever broke because I never did see Lenna again. I awoke the next morning to Josh hovering over my bed. It was about 9 in the morning. "Matty lets go play game cube come on please! Just one game of Mario baseball!" I groggily agreed and we played and decided to shoot the bull for awhile. "Do you really think we will be ok." "Yeah man don't worry", i said. "This whole thing will blow over". I was so wrong. My mom called us all downstairs. My dad was sitting next to my mom and they told us all to prepare for a family pow wow. "We are all going to Path Mark today to pick up groceries just to play it safe if this political propaganda bull shit decides to reach us. Each one of you has a list of what groceries to pick up. Lets go boys. Into Jane's car. Steve always knew how to give orders and be sure people would follow. Now Josh, Matt, Michael, and I were his comrades reporting for duty. We pulled up to Path Mark. It was packed we had to wait for a parking spot for an hour. We finally made it in. I was enlisted to pick up hygienically products. I grabbed shampoo soap deodorant tooth paste tooth brushes and toilet paper.

Then i heard yelling. A huge man was waving his revolver around taking everything in the super market he could fit in his cart. He tried to make a run for it so a worker tried to stop him. That was the first of many deaths I've seen. The big man shot him in the neck and the worker desperately gurgled blood. People in Path Mark started sprinting out of the store into their cars. They wanted out. Gunshots never rang in our area. Well my home town I guess. Ever since the shit hit the fan I've lived in many places. A scared woman ran into me and i fell and hit my head. Everything went black. I come back and I'm in my room with everyone surrounding me. My family smiles to see me awake and tell me about our situation. My mom Jane spoke."Honey, I'm so glad you are well. It just seems that its bad news after bad news the past week." I've been out for a week! What the fuck! "The infected took over the entire new England area. Its real bad there Matty real bad. We honestly have been so scared without your spirit." "Well I am here mom and I have a plan. We should head north towards Manitoba. These zombie things will probably slow down in the cold and we could find a place with protection." I couldn't believe I said that. It was against everything I believed in. I believed in sticking it out and not letting anybody or in this case anything take me away from what is mine. But i knew if I wanted my parents to see my wedding or if I were going to live to even have one this had to be done.

I regained my strength two days later and helped pack the car with many oil tanks and food. We left that morning just as the first outbreak in New York City was reported. Josh and I were crammed in the back row with Michael and Matt in front and my dad driving and mom giving directions while the radio played the news of a harrowing situation in New York City that just like Boston showed little sign of overcoming the rage. I eventually fell into a light sleep. I could hear the radio as i drifted off into my dreams. "We recommend you stay indoors and....." The radio began to sound fainter as i drifted deeper into sleep. "Do not make contact with the infected. Remember to shoot them in the head. Destroy their...." Then everything was dark and silent

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Love it.

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