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The Morningstar Saga
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Ah'm yer huckleberry
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Those are some pretty plants, "Thatchick." Whoever you are. *shrug*


I'm sure Sean would approve.

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Yeah, I heard she's some crazy lady from down the street. Don't know her personally...

"spreadly thin" new term created and attributed to Armydillo978

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I thought I'd update a few pics to show the progress. The girls are starting to get frosty, and "Sean" has one cola forming on her that is almost the length of my forearm! I'll post video of her to show you the size and number of branches this girl has grown. She was a late bloomer compared to the rest of them, I don't know why? The others are very near harvest time, while she's not going to be ready for at least another 6 weeks I think, unless she speeds up.

When I left on vacation the nugs were just starting to fill out, in less than a week's time they grew full buds that are stiff and thick, very sticky. I'm buying a magnifyer to check the trichomes to see if they're going amber today. The hairs are already about 50% red, so I'd say they're just about ready.  In the videos you'll see me fondling the buds so you can get an idea on the size as well as how thick they are. I cut two buds yesterday and I'm drying them to test them out. A few days ago I cut a small one and quick dried it in my oven set at "warm" for an hour and smoked it, there's a heavy load already. With quick drying you don't even get the full effect so God only knows what this shit is capable of! I think it might knock you on your ass!

Anyway, here's the girls:

I just have to upload the videos and then I'll post those too. ENJOY!

Because I can, that's why!

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awwwwwww.. Sean would have loved that

when everything falls apart around you. You can't help but look back on you life to figure out where everything went wrong. you realize you could have done things different. You could have held his face in your hands and told him you loved him. But you cant change your past and with the grace of any god all you can hope for i that you don't fuck up the future. this is your life and it is slipping away. They are after you. So grab ahold of your trusty H&K and go for it.

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