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“He hit me first.” I tried to explain to Principal Gavin who stared at me from across the desk. Jonathon Blaire sat in the other chair holding an ice pack over one eye and holding a paper towel to his nose. I sported a bruise on my cheek and I felt a glare form on my face as I looked at Jonathon.

“It doesn’t matter who hit who first, Mr. Collins report to detention after school today. Jonathon you can report next Tuesday after school.” Principal Gavin said checking off something on a form. His bald head shone in the light. “I will notify your mother Neil. Jonathon you may go.

“My mom will be thrilled to hear I got another detention.” I muttered as I rubbed my cheek, “I mean other than the fact that she isn’t busy enough with my brother back home and you being a total asshole.”

“Hey! Don’t go there and watch your mouth I am your principal.” A vein appeared in Principal Gavin’s forehead as his face turned red.

“You aren’t even fucking married to her yet and you’re fucking ruining our lives.” It came out harsh and the man shrunk back with a gaping mouth.

“Leave now Neil. I will see you at home.” He sounded dejected and turned his chair around to face out the window.

“Yeah, yeah, if I come home.” I grabbed my pack and stepped out into the main office area, the news was on and was talking about this mass rioting in various cities.

“That’s 120 kids absent today. And another thirty went home today complaining of fever and headaches.” The nurse, Mrs. Meyer was talking to the one secretary, Miss Avery.

“You don’t think it could be what is killing all of those other people in those cities? I mean, we aren’t too far from New York or Boston. I hear that the hospital is getting over loaded with people all showing the same symptoms. My fiancée is already talking about going to his parent’s cabin for awhile.” Miss Avery said nervously watching the TV screen.

“Could I have a pass to Mr. Browns please.” I said running a hand over my buzz cut hair. My pack was slung over my shoulder and my jacket was pushed aside showing a black shirt with a flaming blue skull on it. My black cargo pants clinked with change.

I took the pass and left the two woman conversing and headed into the hallway it was empty apart from class president Alan Ramye and his VP Justine Khep who were hanging up a poster for the next school dance. Goody two shoes, too many of them out there. I shook my head and headed towards the History wing.

Mr. Brown’s class over looked the parking lot and my seat was right next to the window and right behind Cindy Darnell probably one of the most do able girls I had ever laid eyes on. But then there was Ashlee Sirfas the girl who took all of my attention. I usually didn’t go for high class girls unless it was for a one night stand. But she was different, I couldn’t really explain it, maybe it was one of those puppy love things.

“Mr. Collins would you like to pay attention?” Mr. Brown said from the board where he was talking about the fall of Rome.

“Not really when it is such a simple topic.” I said averting my eyes from Ashlee’s back and to Mr. Browns face. He was a young teacher, one of the newest additions in the school.

“Oh really maybe you can explain why then Rome fell.” Mr. Brown sat on the front of his desk and crossed his arms.
I was aware of all eyes in the room on me and shrugged, “Well someone would say the size of Rome itself caused its self collapse. The size was a factor but constantly fighting and defending itself really lead to the collapse. The country sunk into poverty because it was constantly trying to defend itself while at the same time maintain enough food for its citizens. You don’t make the people happy the people get angry. The greed of different emperors for power didn’t help them either. Diocletian and Constantine both tried but tried to reform but the German tribes made their efforts futile. Finally the social collapse.”

Mr. Brown sat speechless as did the rest of the class. I yawned and pulled my hood over my head and laid it down on my pack.

“Anyway…” Mr. Brown started again but I was already asleep, it was a dreamless sleep only about forty minutes long when the bell rang for the end of the day.

“Neil can I see you please.” The rest of the class was filing out and Mr. Brown was motioning to me.

I stood, grabbed my pack, and walked up to the front of the class. Ashlee was the last girl to leave and just gave me a smile before stepping into the hallway. I turned my gaze to Mr. Brown who was grinning at me.

“You better stop showing how smart you are otherwise you will lose your bad boy image.” Mr. Brown said standing to erase the board, “I hear you have detention again tonight Neil. You have to stop this, it isn’t what your father would have wanted for you.”

“I know, but Jon had it coming damn prep. He started talking shit in PE I talked back, about how his mom bought some blow off me years ago and he hit me.” I sat on his desk and looked at the clock, detention started at 3:30.

“You aren’t still selling are you? You better not be Neil.” Mr. Brown turned and looked at me. “Listen Neil, your father was as much a father to me as he was you. I would still be a Collins if I hadn’t found my birth mother. He wouldn‘t want you to end up going to jail over this crap.”

“I’m not selling anymore Chase. I’ve gone completely clean man. You know I have the job at the diner. I don’t want to get in trouble anymore but trouble finds me.” I stood and pulled my pack around, “I gotta go to detention. Coming to diner tonight?”

“Yeah Jessica and I will be over.” He nodded and shut his briefcase, “Going to be weird eating with my boss though.”

“Yeah its weird just being a student under him.” I shook my head, “I said some things to him I shouldn’t have though. I was just pissed..” I hung my head, “I’ll talk to him later about it. See ya.”

“See ya later Neil.” Chase waved as I left and headed to the detention room. Stepping in I nodded to Mr. Pauwlie who nodded back, we knew each other. I took my normal seat near the windows. I pulled out my MP3 player, started listening to disturbed and lay my head down facing the door. A couple kids who I didn’t know came in around 3:20, then at 3:30 the door opened and Ashlee walked in. I rose my head an inch and rose a brow. Plucking an ear piece out of my ear I listened in.

“What are you doing here Ashlee?” Mr. Pauwlie seemed as surprised as I did.

“I was late too many times to Trigonometry so Mrs. Willow gave me detention. Where should I sit?” She said nervously.

“Anywhere you want, I recommend the window seats they help make the time go faster and you don’t feel so locked in.
Ashlee nodded and headed in my direction, I felt my heart beat faster and placed my ear piece back in hearing Disturbed screaming in my head. Please sit in front, please sit in front. I didn’t get my wish and she slid in behind me, darn it I thought, I can’t look at her now. I could picture her auburn hair with blonde streaks straight to her shoulders. Her cute pointy ears, I could feel my palms sweating I tried to regain composure.

Two hours to kill, time for some sleep. I laid my head back down and it seemed I was immediately awoken by a scream. Ashlee was yelling her head off, I was groggy and looking around I see Mr. Pauwlie pressing against the door with his shoulder. Mrs. Willow lay on the floor bleeding from her stomach where a large tear was. I gagged when I saw intestine falling out. I bolted up. The other kids in the room, two guys and a younger girl were huddled back in the corner.

“Neil help me with the door this guy won’t stop!” I reached into my bag and pulled out a section of metal pipe about fifteen inches long and an inch wide at one end and the other side flattened and wrapped with duct tape. I had been jumped when I sold drugs and this was my self defense weapon.

“Open the door, I’ll take care of him.” I moved in front of the door left hand wrapped around the handle of the pipe.

“No Neil.” Mr. Pauwlie yelled and looked at me.

“Do it!” I yelled back at him and gave a pleading look, just to get it over with.

Mr. Pauwlie frowned and then pulled the door open. The person charged right at me. Now I was no pushover. I stand six foot even and weigh close to 235 lbs and a lot of it is muscle. The creature hit me like a brick wall, I faltered and stumbled back as it tried biting my arm. I shoved my baton into its mouth and held it open as it snarled, angry red eyes wide at me. I felt fear coursing through me, but my fight instinct took over. I faked falling and drug the thing into the floor. It hit with a wet noise and snarled at me.

I swung my baton and smashed its nose in with one blow. I heard Ashlee scream and the others yell, at first I didn’t understand why and then I heard the snarl behind me and Mr. Pauwlie yell. I spun to see Mrs. Willow taking a chunk out of Mr. Pauwlies neck. I gapped at the intestine trailing on the floor behind her. I swung without thinking and buried the metal bar into her head, she dropped to the floor. I gasped and stepped back feeling a hand wrap around my ankle.

I swung back to the man on the floor who snarled at me and went to bite, thanks to my boots his efforts failed and I swung around to smash a steel toe into the side of his head. He too went still. I stood back gasping as adrenaline coursed through my veins.

“Ne..Ne…Neil..” Mr. Pauwlie was clutching his throat, it was a good sized chunk but it hadn’t hit the main artery. “Get the rest of the kids out of here, get home.. Leave me.”

“Mr. Pauwlie..” I stammered.

“Listen to me Neil, get them out of here!” He yelled and I could see his face flushing, I had never heard him yell like that so I just nodded.

“Come on.” I motioned to Ashlee, the other two guys and the other girl.

Ashlee moved to my side close her perfume wafting up into my nose, I had to use a little self control not to smile at how close she was to me. The other girl moved close to but the two guys shook their heads.

“I’m staying here dude, screw going out there.” The one said, he had a skater boy look, wearing baggy pants, baggy jacket, skate shoes, he had bleached blonde hair and brown eyes.

The other stood and moved half way up looking between me and the other dude. He was a football player, probably an average student by the way he looked confused. He had hitting muscle, I wanted that.

“Come on Jason, I know we’ve had our differences in the past but you need to come with me.” I said as I moved to the door and glanced into the hallway the girls right on my heels. The second girl’s perfume was nonexistent she looked like a friend of skater boys except probably one of the other groups main girl not his.

Jason nodded and moved past Mr. Pauwlie to me. The hallway was clear so I motioned the other three out then looked at Mr. Pauwlie then the kid in the back. Mr. Pauwlie was unconscious or dead, I couldn’t tell which.

“You sure you want to stay here?” I said looking back at the kid.

He just nodded and moved to the corner and sat down. I just shook my head then closed the door behind me. There was a blood trail in the hallway where Mrs. Willow must have dragged herself to the door, probably with that thing in hot pursuit.

“Mr. Pauwlie are you alrig---- ah!” The kid in the classroom screamed and I jumped away from the door holding my baton up staring at the door. I heard snarling and eventually a wet ripping noise and gaped. Had Mr. Pauwlie turned into one of those things? But how? The bite.

“Fuckin zombie movie going on.” I said and put my hand on my head looking at the other three. I point at the girl I didn’t know. She was pretty attractive, tight pants black, tight shirt grey and blue striped, showing off a nice rack and her belly ring. Her hair was I guess the emo style half her bangs in front of one blue eye, her hair was a reddish-brown. Another do-able girl who looked frightened, “What’s your name?”

“Angela..” She said quietly. Hiding half behind Ashlee.

“Okay, do you have a car Angela?” I asked.

“Yes, why?” She rose a brow at him and her voice made it sound like she was answering an annoying question.

“Use it and get the hell out of here.” I said and shook my head, “Jason same thing, Ashlee you too.”

“What about you? Mr. Pauwlie said for you to get us out of here.” Ashlee said nervously biting her lip.

“I don’t have a car, I’m walking, it’ll take me ten minutes I’ll be fine. The rest of you don’t live close right?” They all nodded, “Then get to your cars and get out of here while you can.

I was half expecting Ashlee to say something like no I’m staying with you, but she gave me one last look then turned and jogged towards the parking lot. Jason and Angela followed suit. I sighed and turned to the Detention room door, I could hear chewing and snapping noises beyond the door.

“Schools out..” I muttered and turned to run to the fire exit door.

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Intense there SOB good story.

Steven R. Luckenbaugh

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Nice start.  Let's see more...

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I am still waiting for Morningstar_joe to come on and ask for more.

Until then I will sit back and wait.

Dec 09, 2009 at 10:18 AM
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Let roll


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This was good. Need more!!!

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Stang, that Ashlee is just the like the girl i like...mmmmm Molly

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My quaint little town seemingly had descended into chaos in the two hours since detention had started. Gun shots echoed between buildings and screams seemed to come from every direction. My pipe was held tightly in my hand and my heart beat could be heard in my ears.

I could see straight down Hillside Drive from under the hedge and it was not a pretty sight. Twenty feet in front of me a car had smashed into a house and the drivers door was wedged open by a mans torso with blood pooling from half a dozen bite marks on his face and neck. The rest of the street had bodies here and there and wrecked cars. I was starring in disbelief when the growl shot a chill up my spine.

I swung up into a crouched position and scanned the yard I was in, not seeing anything I looked at the houses I was in-between first the one my left, scanning the windows. Nothing there, I turned just as the creature smashed through the large window on my right. I instinctively rolled and brought my front to the creature as it smashed into the hedge I had been laying by. It turned and charged me, the woman was middle-aged and had strings of bloody flesh hanging from her lips and teeth. Her sweater was torn and scratch marks covered her left shoulder and chest her breast turned into tattered strands that shook as she ran.

I kicked out and solidly hit her right knee taking her off balance as she fell to her left I smashed my pipe into her skull from her left trying to put as much force into the blow as I could. She hit the ground with a met smack and began to move again. I swung the bar into the back of her skull in an arc and felt bone crack under the blow. Bringing it back up I repeated and felt her skull give way and the skin underneath deform. Panting I jumped back as what seemed like twenty bodies smashed against the hedge. I could see glimpses of flesh through the green which was being torn at.

Turning I began to run hearing the first one get through the barricade and begin chase me. I grabbed a white wash fence separating the yards and pulled myself over it dropping on my feet I saw Mahogany Street in front of me with a similar appearance to Hillside Drive. I bolted diagonally looking back when three carriers smashed through the fence I just hopped panels of wood flying one getting halfway through then tearing itself the rest of the way through. I turned and came face to face with a carrier just about the bite and tackle me. I threw my weight forward and smashed my shoulder into its chest tossing it back, then changed direction toward an intersecting one way street.

I could hear their growls behind me and see a couple ahead of me. My bar cracked one directly ahead in the chin and I slid left past the falling form trying to think where I could go. Gary’s house! My panicked brain tried to figure out where that was, then focused on the house at the end on the left, from the way I came. I slid to a stop and turned to look at the dozen creatures giving chase, the one I hit pulling itself to its feet.

“Fuckin crazy shit I am about to do..” I said to myself and shook my head in disbelief, then began to charge back at the creatures. They didn’t seem to care and seemed to pick up speed now that I was getting closer.

As the first couple got close I jumped onto the hood of a car and ran over the top jumping down and to the right putting the car between them and me. I faked out the next two and smashed my way past the next one. The last one was smashed in the face with my pipe and I bolted up Gary’s stairs grabbing the door handle and threw it open and fell inside kicking the door shut behind me from the ground. Panting I kneeled and put the door lock and dead bolt in place.

“Gary! Gary are you here!?” I pushed my burning legs to stand up and grabbed the railing to support myself and pulled myself up the staircase.

Gary Young wasn’t a best friend but he was a good friend of mine. I made it to the second floor as the first body smashed against the front door shaking a good part of the house.

“Jesus..” I saw Gary’s bedroom door was open and could see his nightstand. My mind realized what was in it and I got renewed energy to run to it and open it. Inside the cold metal pistol seemed to stare back at me. I grabbed it and checked the safety then my legs gave out. Panting I pulled myself so I sat with my back to the nightstand facing the hallway. The pistol was raised and I waited.

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Great job.  Let's see more...

"When a guy walks away from three 5.56 rounds to the face, then I will give up my AR15."

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You waited and.......waited and.........Smoking the reefer!
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