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The Morningstar Saga
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Jedi Swagger
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The Bible says don't murder. In wartime you killed everything because if you didnt the survivors would turn into PUNISHERS. back in the old days thats how people threw down (everybody).

 in OT the Israelite were always being effed with. God commanded eff back. and what people don't see is the tribes they killed were very disturbed even killed their own kids on altars.  and The bible also shows Israel messing up and getting taking over. Everybody drops the ball.

but in NT theres a new message. the best message.

"What would drive a man to dress like a nocturnal animal and beat up people in parking lots is beyond me."

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So, who here hates religious nut jobs?

Is that something we can agree on?

I used to be religious--well, my mom was, so everyone in the family was--and I hated, of all things, having to stay up until 2 AM in a poorly-ventilated church on Easter.  I can't see the point in religion anymore--it's been sorely twisted by everyone in the free world, I know it's useless to try to say something to counteract what you are all saying without any of you finding something that counteracts what I say because some guy in a tall hat said it was right/wrong a thousand years after God just stopped speaking. 

Really, I can say to my knowledge that there is nothing out there in a black--but I can't be an athiest.  I'm agnostic, I'm prone to believing there's something greater than us, but I don't know.

So can we stop mixing Socialism and the Crusades and get back to the subject--like killing zombies?

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Carrier Chow
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Well without the legal system, the zealot wackos will start crucifying sinners. However, they will also hopefully try to "cleanse" a zombie's spirit, and thus a large chunk of them will die. Honestly, in a best-case scenario, they won't fight the horde and rely on the Grace of the Lord to protect them. Then there will be no zealots to deal with.
- The Stickman
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