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Carrier Chow
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So seriously where are my opinions coming from? Over ten years working in the health care field primarily in cardiac, transplant and critical care type settings. I generally don't think of these things seriously for just that reason. I get more than enough real life at work every night. The joys of dealing with gang bangers or people born into wealth who think the hospital is their own private hotel and I'm their slave is enough. Sometimes I need an escape and this is a great way to go. I still bring Z's books along on occasion for my down time if and when that ever happens.
If you really want to combine both worlds I'll take a crack at it from what I know and see. I'd be willing to bet the police don't have a "zombie" plan any more than all the hospitals I have worked at do. It would take far too long to override disbelief. If I see a man staggering down the hall = drunk ass-hole. If I see a man in a hospital gown staggering down the hall = patient having trouble/run and help. (Yeah I'd be dead) See man pronounced dead then staggering down hall = find the intern or resident who pronounced him and take his/her crayons away. Blunt trauma to the head wouldn't really be on the table as a solution for some time. Patients attacking staff/EMS/police where I work is hardly an anomaly. I've been bit before as well. I can't see a news station rushing to be first with a "zombie" story because it would kill their credibility if they are wrong. Who would really believe them at first anyway? I wouldn't.
When most people die in a hospital the writing has been on the wall for some time. When they pass on the body stays in the room unattended sometimes for several hours. Family often wants to come and pay their respects and that usually takes a while. In that time if they rise I'd imagine the zombie would go after the incapacitated patients in the neighboring rooms. Add in all of the injured staff this equates to: Hospital = deathtrap = ground f'ing zero.
How long do you think order would last if someone aired footage of a poor injured and unarmed black male/female (zombie) being gunned down or beaten down on youtube or worse yet the news? How long until the gangs try to take advantage of the situation? Good time for them to clear their accounts? Generally speaking I'm with RZH. The police can't handle a baseball game. Let alone Surenos 13, Vatos Locos, and Tre Tre Crips plus a few dozen others at once. It could get real ugly real fast and probably would.
Who had to drag this discussion into the gutter by bringing up Glee?


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Ok i was just talking about this in the car on the drive home. This is how i see it happening.  If a outbreak happened  say Jan 1st I believe the news would try to cover it up till April about 4 months. In the areas that it happened, would be under strict Marshall law and total news black out. As the storys got out cover ups would take place. if the Outbreak lasted longer than 4 months i am sure it would be big enough that you could not cover it up any more. So CNN FOX News and such would brake it as just happening. Well as the Outbreak grows the areas involved will slowly drop into chaos. I believe whole city's could be lost in days. and those areas would go nuts. As the Outbreak grows and takes new areas those too will fall into total Chaos within days after they fall.

Fisty Nickle
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you all have good points.
1.zombie outbreak starts
2.The people working at morge get bit and run
3.hits more and more
4.cops wont start shooting unile close up still no head shots
5.people still wont hear it on news
6.starts spreading in the streets
7.starts crashes and people running news may start
8.already over 4 to 5 blocks effected news deffenetly heads out since its all over not just 1 town
9.citys almost in entire caouse, towns may be also if morges and deppending on #of originle dead and how clouse buildings and areas are.
10.Caouse at max could be hours to days deppending on location
11.caouse goes down people start to know how to fight them while people who where out in the wildernes, coma in locked rooms, etc. start new caouse
12.survivers try to stay alive. worlds basicly gone and power might be going out or already if fasilitys dameged.
13.some may last longer with military but they would still fall
(military would probably send men out when caouse risses to powerplants and so on to keep systems going and comunications up)
14.z world has come to and man is almost exsticte

sorry about spelling and grammer

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brony guardian
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If it was like the 1918 flu pandemic were it was  air-bone and Most victims are healthy young adults then i could see it happening.  if it did happen i think becuase people are retarded and act like a lot of sheep most times and  they would not want to face the problem and make up reason why it's someone else problem it would get bad real fast.

also i think the worlds  governments probably would fobar and Cluster F$$k the human race with a nuke attack or bombings. They never like to hear what there  Wonks have to say becuase it too hard to hear.

But really i don't think mother nature would make something like that and if she did there would probbly be  a lot of people that  are immune to it.  I don't think the zombie war would be lost becuase in our darkest hours(like WW2) we seem to stand and fight and small town and in other places people do work together better so they could hold the line.

maybe 50-70% of the human race would die but life would go on becuase nothing is forever, even zombies.  I live in FL and we had times were the power was off all over the city for a week becuase of hurricanes and people were cool about it.

Welcome to Death Weapon Meister Academy. More commonly known as the DWMA. It stands as a defense against the forces of zombies , which would plunge the world into chaos and drag humanity into the very depths of fear and madness. The demons known as zombies , and their eternal hunger for destruction. To ensure that zombies never take hold on this world, this Academy was founded. So basically we're an organization that serves to protect and preserve peace! I guess it's not exactly a typical school. Oh well, that isn't important! For now, lets roll up our sleeves and get to work!

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Carrier Chow
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I guess realistic outbreak is a relative point of view. I saw this and got a little disheartened!

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Wow, that was a good page. Thanks YT! It kinda still proves my point although in a completely different way. lol

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Post-Accumulating Whore
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My retort to this article listing the 7 reasons:

Number 7 'Too Many Natural Predators':
If you're saying, "Sure, but it's not like my city is full of bears that can come eat all the zombies," you need to think smaller. Insects are a major pain in the ass for living humans, and in some cases, being able to swat away flies and having an immune system is the only thing keeping us from having our eyes and tongues eaten out by maggots. Zombies in any part of the world with a fly problem are going to be swarming with maggots in short order, meaning that most of their soft tissues will be infested, and their eyes will be very quickly useless.

This was the best example in this specific reason so I will address it.  First so what if flies make maggots and maggots eat flesh.  They are zombies so they need NOTHING more than a brain and a few muslces to get around.  Plus this goes on the assumption that the zombies would rot, like right away.  Not likely nor is it probable.  Add to that the fact that zombies are STILL mobile.  They move around etc.  Hard for the maggots to really take hold if they are mobile.

Number 6 'They Cant Take the Heat':

It's generally accepted by zombie experts that they're going to continue to rot, even as they shamble around the streets. What the movies fail to convey, however, is the gruesome yet strangely hilarious effect the hot sun has on a rotting corpse.
No it is not 'generally accepted' IMO.
The story goes on to basically give a bunch of medical reasons why they would basically explode.  Well heres the thing.....NOONE knows when a ZPAW hits what the reason is.  If it is radiation/viral etc they may have functioning systems for all we know.  It is fiction so there are many reasons why these 'problems' cannot adequately explain it away using science pffffft.
Number 5 'They cant take the cold'
When flesh is alive, it's got all sorts of defense systems to keep it that way. When it's dead, you have to throw it away in about a week even if you seal it up in plastic and keep it at a carefully modulated temperature. Now, your first inclination may be to think of cold as dead meat's friend, after all, the surest way to defeat that week-long deadline is to freeze steak, keeping it fresh for months. But don't forget: Unregulated cold does awful shit to formerly living things. If you live far enough north, the zombie apocalypse will probably work itself out the first time it tries to go outside. The first zombie-killer is the simple fact that the human body is mostly water, and water freezes. Once the temperature drops to freezing (or near it with a high wind chill), zombies will become significantly more rigid.
Once again the only retort on this is that noone knows how it will happen so if the tissue is not dead this doesnt matter.
Number 4 'Biting is a Terrible way to Spread Disease'
With zombieism, they don't even have to solve the mystery about how it's transmitted. It's that guy biting people. Shoot him in the head.
Maybe, but this sentence takes the cake.  It will not be 'That guy' it will be 'Holy fuck look at ALL those people fucking biting each other!' and these are zombies FFS!
It could happen as quick are 28 days or it could be slow like Dawn.  Either way that shit WILL spread fairly quick.  This is the worst of the arguments so far IMO.
Number 3 'They cant heal'
All the dings and bangs zombies will suffer after tripping, walking off of bridges and stumbling around on dark cloudy nights will eventually leave them limbless, toothless and with every bone in their body broken. Seriously, in the event of the Zombie Apocalypse, just stay inside, watch all the episodes of 24 back to back, then walk out on your lawn with your Corpse Rake and tidy up (you will have to buy a Corpse Rake, however, if for some reason you don't already have one).
Alright so they keep getting worse and worse.  This one takes the cake.  So they ARE a little clumsy, but they are not walking off all the tall cliffs in my area.  There are NO DAMN tall cliffs!  No real natural obstacle that will somehow render them 'limbless'!
Number 2 'The Landscape is Full of Natural barrier'
But even in nice, flat, paved cities, where it would seem like people would be extra-fucked, the landscape still works in favor of the living. History has shown that in most awful situations, people don't always act like the panicky idiots in a horror movie. In cities, people would likely congregate in the upper levels of high-rise buildings, where the invasion can be held at bay with simple security doors. Also, the streets themselves would keep the undead corralled in straight, easy-to-aim-down lines where they could be picked off by snipers, or just bored office-workers waiting out the quarantine by dropping office supplies onto the undead from the top floors.
Ok so the idea is that tall buildings keep them out right?  Yeah well how about the dumbass who goes out in the streets and comes back infected not telling everyone?  Next thing you know the fucker is spreading the virus through the whole little community 'holed up in a high rise building'
Number 1 'Weapons and the People who Use Them'
Plus, if we look at zombies as a species, they are pretty much designed for failure. Their main form of reproduction is also their only source of food and their top predator. If they want to eat or reproduce, they have to go toe to toe with their number one predator every single time. That's like having to fight a lion every time you to want to have sex or make a sandwich. Actually, it's worse than that: Most top predators are only armed with teeth and claws, meaning they have to put themselves in harm's way to score a kill. Humans have rifles.
First off not everyone will have a gun and not everyone is going to go looking for guns right away.  It would not be like us having to go 'toe to toe' with a lion to make a sandwich.  It would be like 400 of us going against a scared lion to get just one bite.
Every zombie tale out there pretty much says 'One on one?  No big deal.  In a big group?  You run your ass off.'

Dec 09, 2009 at 10:18 AM
"Something my granddad used to tell us. You know Macumba? Voodoo. My granddad was a priest in Trinidad. He used to tell us, "When there's no more room in hell, the dead will walk the earth."

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Carrier Chow
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Originally Posted by Soldier

Wow, that was a good page. Thanks YT! It kinda still proves my point although in a completely different way. lol

There is no way to prove a point on this. Nothing short of us waking up to real zombies will make proving any point possible. The article is just more speculation which is what we all are doing. That is the beauty of debating these things. You literally can argue until doomsday.

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