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Carrier Chow
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So after a very epic zombie invasion my work did at the office during employee appreciation week, in which we successfully defended our area though at the cost of two coworkers one of which I had to put down myself, we got to talking and a debate on a good place to have as a designated meeting/fortification spot we could all head towards in case of an outbreak. So I want some opinions from those that also live in Austin. Though general tips and ideas are always welcome =)

This would be anywhere in Austin, early in the outbreak with the assumption that all of us have received warning about this to begin our trek well before the hordes reach very large masses and the roads are still somewhat clear. Group is about 15-30 people depending on if family can make it. Also zombies are of morningstar variety in case that factors in for anyone.

Look forward to any ideas and post=) Also Z can't wait for the third book just got through re-reading the first two again. =)

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Z just passed away a few weeks ago.  I just thought you should know that part. 

Second:  I would try to hit an ampty warehouse and spend the first few days fortifying the hell out of it so that not even a horde of living people could get in.

Dec 09, 2009 at 10:18 AM
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WOW! They let you stage a zombie invasion at your place of work for Employee Appreciation Day? THAT'S FREAKIN' COOL!

I'd like to see that happen at my workplace. Or even organize one for the end of the school year at the high school for the kids, or something like that. Would be awesome!

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Naw, one guy just showed up with blood on him and attempted to bite everyone there....

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Frickin' guy that was!

I'm still not feeling too good... And the wound isn't healing to well...

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If there was a zombie invasion in your building, then odds are its real bad outdoors. The zombies themselves aren't that dangerous in the early stages of a global level infestation, its the chaos and panic that you have to worry about. (think of the L.A riots in a global scale)
Does the building you work in have multiple stories?
Does it have its own back up generator?
How many entrances? how many exits?
These are just some of the questions that come to mind , but there are hundreds if not thousands more I could ask.

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