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I've known for some time that PVC can be used for a lot of different projects such a storage containers, greenhouses, light wieght air tanks for airsoft and spud guns, and a number of other items around the house. There are a number of web sites and You Tube links out there with all sorts of projects using PVC.

One day while looking up an easy, cheap way to make a knife sheath on You Tube I found some links on homemade PVC knife sheaths. I needed one for an old survival knife and a machete and I happen to have some PVC pipe on hand so I gave it a try. I did run into a few problems but, I have figured out other ways to correct the mistakes and problems. 

There are a few different types of PVC pipe, white being for water and irrigation and gray used for electrical. All of these come in different schedules and diameters and hundreds of fittings to use with them. The most common is the white sch 40 and then the gray sch 40. Sch 40 works best for most projects that have no real high pressures on it. Sch 20 is much thinner and I believe has limted uses. Sch 80 would be good for higher pressures and heavy weight items.

The best way to make a knife sheath is to see the You Tude video attached to this post. Below the link to You Tude are some of the sheaths I made. Ok, they don't look great but, they work.

I've now got an idea of making a rifle Scabbard and maybe a case out of PVC pipe. A round tube is just to bulky and leaves to much wasted space and things can roll around inside it. I'm thinking I can find a size that I can heat and flatten enough for a rifle or shotgun to fit inside of. I would make a padding and soft cloth insert for it before carrying them in it of couse. The reason I'm giving this thought is soft cases are light in weight yes, and some do give some protection but, they cost a lot and don't always fit or work as well for some missions. There is at least one possible problem and it will be for the case in finding a way to seal off the open end. I believe the nose end can just be crimmed tight enough and then sealed with a sealent or JB Weld to keep it water tight. Finding a way to cap off the butt end could be difficult, but I'm giving it some thought.

My goal with this type of case is to have a means to carry a long arm on the pack or inside a vehicle. The PVC is tough enough to not bend and will keep things from ripping into it and keep the gun safe and dry. The weak thing about the PVC will be after it's painted the paint can be scatched off easily. But, it takes some time to wear off enough of the paint to make a camo difference however, and it's easily fixed with mud, charcoal and other stuff if there no paint handy. It could make a little more noise when moving thought thick growth but, that really will depend more on the carrier and how he moves. You could make a soft cloth cover if these are big issues.    


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