Infection / Destruction / Hope

The 3rd and final Morningstar Saga book, SURVIVORS, is now available for pre-order here!

The Morningstar Saga
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First, thanks to Sage for the idea.

Rule one: The Strain is copyrighted. This rule used to say that I didn't make any money off of it, but that's, now I'm just reminding y'all about the copyright. You know. Just in case.

Rule number two: there are no other rules. As long as your story is set in the same universe as the Morningstar Saga, we're groovy. Short stories, epic novels, poetry, vignettes--anything goes.

If you've got a work that you want to post that doesn't take place in this same universe, the Fiction forum is the place to go.

Fiction posted here that I really enjoy will be added to the main site, in the stories section. I'll PM you to ask permission before I post the story, and may ask that some editing be done. Not all stories posted here will make it to the website; I enjoy breeding competition like that.

Got questions? Put 'em in this thread.

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Go to the MSS ficton section and click on "New Topic" below the banner.

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