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The 3rd and final Morningstar Saga book, SURVIVORS, is now available for pre-order here!

The Morningstar Saga
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Carrier Chow
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Hello, I just heard about his death. I am so sad to hear that he has passed!  My condolences to his family.

I read around and noticed that his sister posted once. I just want to say that I am sorry.

I also wanted to share that he did have an Amazon page. I'm unsure if the family knows about it, and I wished to post in case they want to promote the book or see what others have said about the book. He posted a thank you note on my review for his second book and I always felt proud and happy that he replied to fans. I never seen that before with books and am very happy. He is the same age as I am too, and it's very unfortunate that he passed at such a young age.

Also, I learned his parents sent his notes in for the third book. I am so glad that they did this and cannot wait for the third book. I will for sure buy a copy and am glad that he can entertain fans of his writing in the after life.


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Thanks.  And welcome to the forum.  Don't feel shy about going over to the Introductions board and introducing yourself.  We're a pretty welcoming community here.

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good post newbie


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Thanks and welcome 

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Welcome to the Platoon, buddy.

And yeah, it's cool that Z always replied to fans. I got the same warm feeling from him when he responded to my emails that I just wrote on a whim. It was pretty special that he took the time to get back to everyone.

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