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The Morningstar Saga
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Carrier Chow
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“Man, I swear to you, when the zombies finally do come. I’ll be damned ready.”

Boy, was I wrong.

The day started normally in warm shining Las Vegas. As I got ready to head back to the crappy world of school, the news played almost inaudibly behind me as I listened to my iPod.

“Today in the news, A new virus is running riot in the streets of our fair city, it is called-” Click. As a freshman in high school the sky’s the limit as they say. I was never super excited to go to school. But I looked forward to today. My first banquet in culinary class.

“Bye Mom.” I said quietly as I grabbed an apple and ran to catch the bus. On the bus, looking back at this. Everyone was sick, coughing and I think quiet possibly vomiting. As the bus stopped I couldn’t help but practically bolt off the bus. Too many sick people. Also I’m a hypochondriac. The rest of the day went normally, English, Computers. But as I went to go meet my best friend Luis for lunch everything started going haywire. As I passed by a bathroom I heard a horrible sound, like flesh being ripped from the bones. Now I knew it was exactly that. I hurriedly ran past it and down the stairs to the Quad. The day felt cold although it was reaching the high of 99. I saw chaos. The quad was a panic with kids running and screaming. Only when I reached the bottom of the stairs I saw why, I literally saw my best friend being ripped apart by a girl in my class. Only now do I dare make a joke about it, I told him one day she’ll be the death of him. God, I wish I knew that was going to be true now.

As the world got quiet and I realized what was truly going on. I was so into zombie books and movies. Now did it click. Unlike my original plan when this was going to happen, I froze up. In my mind the plan should have been me drop kicking her and snapping her spinal cord. What’s worse is that Luis was starting to get back up. Damn.

I ran. And when I say I ran I mean going faster then most cars in the street. As I fumbled with my cell phone in my pocket and I pressed and held the B button. Brandon. My brother. As I ran past a car, I saw yet another one of my friends, a tall black haired guy by the name of David. His mouth was hanging loosely as his jaw was very obviously broken. His eyes were red like fire. The phone dropped my from my hand as I heard my brother audibly scream and David’s eyes were on me like a lion staring at a mouse. He charged and I side-stepped. A piece of common knowledge from my stories, zombies are clumsy and most are slow. Boy was I wrong about that too. He saw it coming and he threw himself on top of me. I remembered as one of the movies I saw, Pin his hands on the ground and use one arm under his throat to keep his face away from you. And then with a powerful kick to the chest he jumped a good foot or two backwards. My heart was racing and for me this was not even scary anymore. This was complete horror. As my mind cleared a bit and David’s old body got up I noticed a piece of wood on the ground. A sturdy piece of 2x4 from the construction site nearby. It was already bloodied and had a giant piece torn out of it. He came at me again.

This time I wasn’t going to underestimate him, I swung it with every ounce of my strength. I will never forget that moment, the unnerving sound of his head being snapped apart from the spine and the fact that I just killed somebody. Without meaning to, I vomited all over the now dead again David. I dropped it and with everything that had happened. Nothing could be heard. The streets and school was dead silent. I picked up my phone again and pressed the P button now. Pete. My other brother. It rang for almost two minutes and right as I was about to close it I heard a faint,


“Pete! It’s me Brian!” I could audibly hear his relief.

“Thank fucking Christ bro. Where are you?”

“School…” I heard a faint scratching on the other end of the receiver and I heard him swear quietly.

“Listen bro. You remember where we have the safe house? Meet me there. Please. Be careful. Brandon’s dead and I couldn’t live with it if you died too.”

“Alright bro. There’s a gun store nearby I’ll see how it held up.” He started laughing almost loudly.

“A few hours into the outbreak and your already raiding.” He laughed some more “Just be careful brother. Please. Now if you’ll excuse me I’m gonna take this one out before he alerts anymore.” I heard a snapping sound and I shuddered.

“Alright bro. Be safe I’ll see you soon.” I clicked the phone and dropped it in my pocket. He was only nineteen but he was already a decorated police officer. I looked at the broken piece of wood and saw it was practically hanging on by strands. Ah damn this was going to be a long day.

End Part one.

Hey let me know if I should continue. I thought it was pretty cool writing it.

"Though the gods that reside inside shall engulf me in flames, I will never let you see me tremble in fear, I will be the sword to slash away your sadness and the shield to defend your tears." - White Knight Acolyte.

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Please do very interesting so far.

Steven R. Luckenbaugh

Carrier Chow
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I might be here a year late, but I really enjoyed the reading. Hope you have more
we ARE friends, but when the zombies come, I'm trippin' your ass...
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