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The Morningstar Saga
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Been here since 2006
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Hello everyone,

Just stopping by to say hello. I miss this place. When it was at its peek, we had so much fun on here. Im not gonna lie, it gets very nostalgic, in a sad way, checking up on this page. Its been 10 years, a decade, (and 4 user names) since I first met this fun, whacky group of people.

Hows everyone doing?

This is my 4th and final forum name.


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P.A. Warrior
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I tried not to be the first to reply and pretend like I had shit to do, but I don't.

I been good.  Keepin on keepin on.  Currently watching True Detective and staying up way past my bedtime.  Still playing around with dreams of posting a big zombie story here.  I got scenes in my head, I just can't find a narrative.  And Walking Dead keeps beating me to the punch lol.

You watch the end of season 5 last week?

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I'm still here too -- albeit intermittently.

I, too, miss the good old days.


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