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Carrier Chow
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more on wensday sorry about some grammer errors

some will live some will die... but be prepared to shoot the one you love... or die yourself

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Carrier Chow
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“Dan, Dan honey wake up!”

            I opened my tired eyes a blurry figure sat at the foot of the bed a feminine, but familiar figure called out to me.

            “Dan where what are you doing?  Honey we need you!”

            “Jessie?  Jessie what are you…”

            “Dan hurry get up we need you!” A baby cried out

            “Josh?  Jessie what is going on?”

            “Dan!” she let out an ear shattering scream

            The figure raised its arms and grabbed me by the shoulders digging its nails into my skin, and yanked me up ripping out the IV in my I could feel the pain burn through my forearm and shoulders.  The figure had me close I could see its face it was an undead face torn apart; you could see its teeth on the left side of its face.  I recognized its face; it was Jessie!

            “Jessie! No!” I screamed, as she tore into my neck.

some will live some will die... but be prepared to shoot the one you love... or die yourself

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Carrier Chow
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            I jolted up in my bed frantically trying to catch my breath; it was just a dream, thank god.

            “Dan!  Are you okay?” Kylee said, she was in her chair looking at me

            “Huh?  What?  Oh um, yeah just a little nightmare that’s all.”

            “Are you sure you seem terrified.  You sure your okay hun?”  She said, placing her hand on my back.

            “Yeah I’ll be okay.”

            She gave me a look of discretion she knew I was lying to her.  She looked at her clip board and wrote a couple things on it, then turned back to me.

            “So how is your vision doing?  Has it gotten any better?”

            I didn’t notice that I could see perfectly now, I now noticed even more so how beautiful she was, then I looked at my arm.  I could feel the pain from my dream; the burning sensation had not subsided, and it was becoming more potent.

            “I can see fine, but my arm it hurts.”

            “Yeah it might hurt more then it should, you almost ripped it out of your arm when you were asleep; you sure your okay.”

            “Oh, yeah I’m fine.”

            There was a small pause

            “But the good news is that we get to take it out now yay!”

            She unraveled the bandage covering the IV; she then cut the tube from the bag and with a nice, clean action removed the Needle.  She began to bandage my arm back up when Larry waltzed in.

            “Well good see ya finally up!” he said with a grin

            “Had a bit of a night terror eh?”

            I looked down at my arm.

            “Yeah just a little one.”

            “Little?” he belt out a mocking laugh

            “You were screaming bloody fackin murder ya were.  I sent Kylee down here to calm ya down!”

            He kept laughing; I just stared at my arm with a red face.  The man seemed to be good hearted; and after all he did save my ass, but he didn’t have to be such a dick.

            “Larry!  Stop laughing at him he’s had it rough!  Stop being such a goon!” Kylee said aggressively

            He slowly seized his laughter, the room fell silent for a moment; and then he began to talk.  He asked me what I was doing by myself in that alley so I told him my story; about how I was an officer, how I watched my friend die, the crash, the city, everything leading up to my current situation.  I did leave the part out about my wife because of Kylee; I’m a sucker.

            “That’s one hell of a story my friend, what are ya plannin to do now?”

            “Well I want to get to my home in Black Canyon, I want to check in and pick up a couple things.”

            “Black Canyon?  That’s a mighty long skip from here lad.”

            “I know but I need to.”

            He looked me over; I tried not to look back at him.  It was like he was trying to see into my soul; trying to figure me out some how.

            “Okay I’ll help ya out Dan.  You be needin some company out there in that hell hole.”

            “You don’t have to Larry I’ll be alright really.  I don’t want you killed out there because I need to get some stuff for myself.”

            “Nonsense!” he chuckled as he slapped me on the back

            “Ya think I Like bein here with these fackers?  Fack no!  It’s like baby sittin a bunch of retarded two year olds!” he laughed even harder

            Kylee gave him a scornful look, but he kept on laughing.  I have to admit it would be nice having some extra fire power out there, but I don’t know how much longer I could put up with his childish antics.

            “All right Kylee you stay here and look after everything.  I’ll take our boy Dan here and…”

            “Pop!” a shot rang out of my window

            “Pop! Pop! Pop! Pop!” multiple shots were being fired

            Kylee stood up nervously; Larry Rushed to the window

            “What the Fack are they shootin a… Jesus Marry an Joseph.”

            I looked out the window, the men out side where shooting into the street; hoards of the undead had gathered in front of the two story clinic, it a dark wave of heads swaying, and stumbling. 

Some where pounding on the front gate while others where reaching through the bars; the guards outside shooting into the sea of walkers.  Larry pulled away from the window.

            “Kylee grab what medical supplies ya can and meet us in the garage; Dan come with me.”

As Larry barked orders I was still watching the window; the undead where rocking the gate, and it looked like it wouldn’t hold very long.  The guards weren’t having much luck either; they hadn’t even made a dent in the siege of the undead. 

“Dan!” Larry barked

I got up and ran out the door with him; rushing down the hall the other men where running in the opposite direction as we were.  They had their rifles and were staging up near the windows to help fend off the walkers; we ran down the stairs into the front lobby. 

There was a loud crash from outside; the gate had given way to the dead, and they were now advancing toward the front doors.

The sounds of .223 rounds filled the lower level as the men began to open fire from upstairs.  Bodies were falling left and right; even so, they kept on staggering toward the doors.  Larry ran up to the doors and locked them, the first walker limped to the door and started caressing it with its bloody hands; spreading gore everywhere.

Kylee ran down the stairs with a back pack, plugging her ears.  She walked up and faced Larry she had not seen what we were staring at, then she turned around and gasped.

“Okay let’s get the fack outta here!” Larry yelled, trying to talk over the noise

We ran out of the lobby and into the maintenance hallway, down a grey brick hallway, and into a garage.  There was a black escalade parked in the middle; Kylee Ran and hopped into the passenger seat, Larry walked to back of the car and opened up the rear door. 

He then picked up a duffle bag lying against the wall; pulled something out, and tossed in.  He then picked up two medium sized ammo boxes, and tossed them in there as well; then shut the door.

“Dan, here.” Larry called as he tossed me something; it was a berretta.

“Nice.” I smiled, racking the slide.

Walking to the car he reached into his jacket pulled out a cigarette, and a lighter; placed the cigarette between his lips and sparked the tip.  He took a long drag from it as if to saver every moment; then he looked at me.

“What?” Larry said

“Are you kidding me?”

“Hey if I’m gonna die, I’m Fackin gonna be comfortable so fack off!”

Larry walked to the front of the car and opened the door, stepped in, and started the car.

“Hey Dan open the garage door will ya?  The button is over there.” He called as he closed the door.

The button was right next to the garage door I walked over, and pushed “UP”.  The door activated; I turned around and walked toward the car when I heard a thud behind me.  I looked back and my stomach sank, there where at least thirty of them out there.  The movement and noise of the garage door had caught their attention and they began to walk, and Shamble toward us.

“Dan!” Larry yelled.

“Dan get in the car!”

I couldn’t move I was like a deer in the headlights; a woman walked toward me, arms extended, her face was torn to hell.  Still I couldn’t move, I just kept focusing on how many there where; more began to pour into the garage.

“Dan! No!” Larry screamed



some will live some will die... but be prepared to shoot the one you love... or die yourself

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Carrier Chow
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I hope you guys enjoy this!  let me know how im doing

some will live some will die... but be prepared to shoot the one you love... or die yourself

Survival is the Rule
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Good to go, please keep it coming I hate it when authors write some good stories then just walk away without finishing them!

Rule's of survival 1. Have a plan 2. Have a tool
All else will fall into place. Prep for ZPAW.

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Carrier Chow
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I plan too sorry i stoped for a couple years... lol and sorry for the 2 week delay ive been busy with finals and with thanksgiving and christmas stuff.  more for sure in 2 days this wensday.

some will live some will die... but be prepared to shoot the one you love... or die yourself

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Carrier Chow
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hey sorry no post yesterday im on my phone right now sending this my house was broken into and my xbox 360 and all my games plus my ipad was stolen :'(  but i made an insurance claim so ill be back up writing soon i may even try to use my phone so i sincerly apologize for no post.

some will live some will die... but be prepared to shoot the one you love... or die yourself

Survival is the Rule
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No worries, sorry to hear about you losing your stuff, one of these days karma will get back to those that take instead of producing.

Rule's of survival 1. Have a plan 2. Have a tool
All else will fall into place. Prep for ZPAW.

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Carrier Chow
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There’s an expression I once heard from a man; “There is no use dwelling on Old World Blues.” Meaning there is no point in dwelling in the past of once was. 

            Old World Blues may not always mean you wish you could be back in that point in time.  But as you try to better things, to bring the world to replicate the past weather it be good or bad. 

            In my life; the world around me has fallen apart, I don’t know if it will ever be the same.  Or if this world is doomed to a life of killing; that, which is already considered dead.

            In this case Old World Blues to me means; I wish that this point in time had never come about, that I could go home after my shift to my wife and son. 

            Walk down the street and not fear about; how many of them are there?  Or how many bullets do I have left?

            But right now there is no point in dwelling on Old World Blues, only survival.  In the future I’ll have time to remember how it once was, and how good it was; but for now, there is only the future.

            “Dan No!”

            The woman’s arm grabbed my shirt, her strength was impeccable.  I could hear Larry yelling and Kylee’s screams, but I couldn’t move.

            The women pulled herself closer to me; her breath smelt horrible!

            Like rotten eggs mixed with sour milk, and rotting flesh.

            “Pop!” the sound of Larry’s AR rang out.

            The women’s head violently kinked right and she flew to the ground twitching.  I quickly regained my senses as more started to fill the garage.

            “Pop!” Larry began to fire his rifle into the crowd

            “Dan! Move your facking arse in the vehicle now!” He yelled as he blew the head off of and elderly man

            I aimed my berretta and fired a shot

            “Pop!” it hit one in the head

            “Now Dan!” he yelled again

            I fired two more shots hitting one in the neck and another in the head; I bolted for the car.

            I opened the back door to the escalade and hopped in; reached behind me and grabbed the seat belt and buckled myself in.

            “Dan what the fack was that?” he barked as he started the car

            “I don’t know I just… froze… I could hear her screaming…”

            “What are ya talkin about ya fair…”

            From the crowd a runner pushed its way through, and jumped up on the hood of the car.  It reared its fist back looking at the window and brought it down

            “Crack!” the impact cracked the windshield a little; it reared its fist back again

            “Oh no ya don’t facker.”

            Larry threw the car in reverse and slammed his foot on the gas then braked quickly; the runner flew backwards.

            “Hold on to yar balls!” Larry laughed as he threw the car in drive and gunned it.

            The car jolted forward picking up speed fast, we hit the crowed at 35 and broke through them with ease.

            The dead were flying everywhere!  Over the car, under the car, side to side it was a relief; but we weren’t done yet.

            “We need to open the gate now!” Said Larry

            “it’s Remote so someone will have to get out and punch in the code.”

            “No problem I’ve got this!” I said

            “Alright the code is 3258 I’m going to let ya out then ima make a circle to nock back some zombies and come pick ya up got it?

            “Got it!”

            “Ya sure you can handle it this time?  Don’t go back to yar wet dream ya were haven!”

            I nodded; I guess I’m never gonna live it down now.  He slowed the car and let me out at the pad; then sped off.

             I quickly punched in the numbers and the gate began to open.  Larry began to come back when the gate made a giant screeching sound and stopped; It was a quarter of the way open.

            I ran up to the opening and tried to push it open; no good, Larry pulled up

            “Fackin piece of shit!” he groaned

            “You keep them off me, I’ll try and open the gate!”

            Larry nodded and bolted off again I could hear  bones breaking as he ran over some zombies.

            I started pushing as hard as I could, the gate wasn’t budging!  I shouldered it nothing except aggravation of my injuries.

            I tried kicking it but nothing as well, some walkers began coming over from the other side of the gate.

            Aiming my berretta I popped off 3 shots they went down, I walked over to the gates wheel and noticed the guide was bent.

            I began to hit it with the butt of my pistol, the aluminum was soft it began to bend back into place; what a cheap piece of shit!

            A couple more times did the trick, I stood up and turned around the noise attracted some runners they hopped up the wall and began to bolt toward me.

            I aimed my gun and pulled the trigger; I hit one but.


            The trigger spring had jammed.  I tried to clear the chamber, but it was jammed bad.  I holstered the weapon and readied myself for them.

            They where less then 10 feet when Larry’s head lights blew by, the zombies where gone.

            “Dan! Hurry up!” he reversed and pulled up

            I quickly retyped the numbers and the gate activated again; I hurried and opened the back door to the escalade and jumped in.

            “Sorry that took so long, the fucking guide was bent.” I sighed

            “Sure it was, I’m sure you where tugging it huh?” he chuckled

            The gate was open and we pulled out; the streets where crawling with them we where lucky to have the car.

            “What’s gonna happen to the others there?” I asked

            Larry sighed.

            “I don’t know Dan, they knew that as soon as that gate failed that they where to get outta there.  I just pray that some made it…”

            The car was silent; it was silent for a while.  We just kept on going, no one wanted to think or talk about all those men back at the hospital. 

“Were we wrong for not standing and fighting?”

 “Did we have a choice?”

            Old World Blues gets the best of everyone; weather it be recent or longer, but what has happened has happened there is no going back to once was.

            You can only base your future decisions around what has happened to bring about better circumstances.

            The past may be ugly but like I said; “There’s no use in dwelling on Old World Blues.”

some will live some will die... but be prepared to shoot the one you love... or die yourself

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Carrier Chow
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back at writing apologize for any rambling or grammars

some will live some will die... but be prepared to shoot the one you love... or die yourself

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Carrier Chow
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            In a world that was once fast paced now seems only a memory.  Fast food drive throughs, disposable razors, coffee mugs.

            Yes everything for the man or woman on the go, just to make the big bucks and live the high life; but now?  No the world no longer has the morning drive still tying your tie while downing the cup of coffee.

            No longer the drive while applying make-up because you woke up late or passed out from the party last night… for example my wife.  Now the zombie is the undead on the go.

            It’s been 13 hours since I had my first encounter with these undead, and dawn was at break.  Rain still fell from the sky as we drove through the streets, I had no idea of where I was and I don’t think Larry did either.

            I still needed to get home, but in the current situation that seemed like a pipe dream to me.  How could I be sure that my home wasn’t this bad or worse?  How could I even make it there without dying in the process?

            I went back and forth in my head for a bit looking out the window.  Walkers would turn and watch the car go by then go back to staggering around; that’s when it hit me.

            “Larry, turn on the radio… turn it to am on channel 99.5.” I crossed my fingers

            “Dan I don’t think the radio signal is gonna work, let a lone have someone talking.” He smirked

            “Just do it you ass.”

            He adjusted it to am and tuned the channel, then slowly turning up the volume.  A voice came through the speakers, some static cut through the words.

            “This is 99 point….. news sta…. on….. with current events… appening through the…. Olorad.. o area the fallowing designated zones are safe zones from the current riots.”

            Static was filling the speakers you couldn’t even catch his voice.

            “Dammit!  Come on you piece of shit!” I roared

            “Dan, like I said I don’t think that your gonna…”

            “And Black Canyon are hot zones for the current riots taking place in Colorado, the military has been sent to help contain the riots sprea….”  The static was all that we heard after that.

            “The military? Why the military? Shouldn’t the police be handling all of this?” Kylee bellowed

            “The police can’t handle a problem like this, especially on this scale.” Larry replied.

            “It’s not just that…” I said quietly

            “I don’t think there’s any police left… when I woke up from my accident I saw what was happening.  The police couldn’t take them on with the pistols and shot guns.  They were getting cut down left and right, on top of that there is no contingency plan for this viral outbreak for local authorities, the military is all we have left.”

            “Oh… I see.” Kylee looked down at the floor.

            I could tell that she was hoping for a better answer, but I had nothing else to give her; only the truth of what I had seen.


            “Don’t worry though… we will keep you safe.  We’ll get outta this.”

            I was lying through my teeth, I had no clue what would happen at any moment our car could die on us in the middle of a horde of those things.  My busted pistol and Larry’s AR wouldn’t get out outta that situation alive.

            “Dan… we are gonna need to get gas pretty soon.”  Larry said pointing to the gas gauge.

            “When it rains it pours I guess, there should be one about quarter of a mile from here take this next right.” I said

            He turned on 1700 S. it was a main intersection with all sorts of businesses, fast food, outlet stores, and a gas station.  Usually these places are filled with people and cars, but now it was quiet.

            We pulled into the fueling area, Larry slowed the vehicle to a stop and we all got out.

            “Who has money?” Larry asked with a crooked smile.

            “We need money?” Kylee answered

            “Haha, so innocent ya are Kylee.” Larry chuckled

            I was looking around making sure none of the walkers were around, but all I saw was empty lots, a few cars but mostly; dead. 

            “Dan!” Larry shouted.

            I whipped my head around

            “Got any money?”

            I shook my head no.

            “Then we need to go inside and activate the pumps manually.”

            “Larry, I am an officer.  Do you really think I am gonna steal gas?”

            “Fackin right you will, that is unless you wanna be walkin with all these zombies around?” he laughed.

            I just shook my head; I knew that he was right even though my thoughts told me it was wrong.

            “Oh how’s your Pistol?”

            “Hammer spring is busted from fixing the gate.”

            “Lovely here; don’t break it!” Larry said tossing his rifle at me.

            “I wont.” I said catching it.

            I chambered a round and walked up to the front door, I tried to pull the door open but; Locked I needed to find a different way in.

            I walked around to the back door and tried the knob, it was unlocked and I pushed open the door.  I turned on the vertical flashlight on the AR and went through the door in tactical formation.

            I had been trained with the AR platform in the police academy but only enough to know the basics: load, aim, shoot.  I checked the corners and checked the bathrooms everything was clear.

            I walked up to the counter looking for the manual pump switch, I checked under the counter looking behind one of the computer towers for the cash register nothing.  I looked up and taped to the top was a .45.

            “Oh what have we here?” I said happily pulling it off.

            It was an S&W 1911 model with a full 8 round magazine.  I holstered it my pant waist line and looked at the register.  In the top left corner was the manual pump turn on I tapped the Icon on the touch screen when.


            A bar popped up requesting a manager’s password.

            “Well that’s fuckin great!” I groaned

            I walked up to the front door and unlocked it; I pushed it open and yelled out.

            “Hey! Well looks like we are screwed, we need a pass-code to activate the manual pump!”

            “Did you try making a sale?” Kylee asked

            “No I didn’t, but I wouldn’t know how to do that in the first place!”

            “Hang on.” Kylee said as she started walking up to the door.

            I held it open for her as she walked through the front door; she began grabbing some snack foods and water.  Along with some Aspirin, Neosporin, Ibuprofen, and bandages along with other medical supplies.

            “Hey, Larry!” I called out.

            He looked back at me; I tossed his rifle back at him.  He caught it and gave me a confused look.  I held up the .45 and he smiled.

            “So how are we looking?” I asked closing the door and walking behind the counter.

            “I just need to ring one of these up and, then add the gas, and now hit pay.”

            The cash drawer opened up and the green light button went on for the gas.  We looked at Larry and he gave us the thumbs up.

            Kylee began to bag the supplies.

            “Where did you learn to use a register?” I asked

            “While I was going to college for my nursing certification I worked at a gas station like this for some income.”

            “Well it’s a good thing you did or we would be stuck here for a while trying to find some pass-code; or learning the register.” I smiled at her

            She smiled back still bagging the items, I looked up.  There were the cigarettes; I hadn’t had a cigarette since my son was born.  It was one of the hardest things I had done in a while, and the craving had reared its ugly head at me.

            I grabbed a pack of Camel lights and a lighter and began to open the smokes; Kylee looked up.

            “I didn’t know you smoked?” she asked

            “I used to, and I think now would be a good time to start back up.”

            She shook her head as I put it between my lips and sparked the tip.  I took a drag and inhaled deeply.  The nicotine rushed through my body, making me light headed, but it felt good.

            “Aright we are all bagged up and ready, we got food, water, medical; we're all…”

            “Pop, pop, pop!” Larry’s AR rang out

            We both rushed up to the door there where 15 walkers coming up on the station, staggering.

            “Come on lets get to the car!” I yelled

            “Pop, pop!” Larry’s AR kept going off.

            Kylee and I made it to the car and we tossed the bags in the back seat.  She got in the side door and I ran to back of the car where Larry was.

            “Larry we need to get moving!” I said trying to yell over his gun

            “That’s a negative Dan we don’t have enough gas yet!”

            “Well how much more do we need?!”

            He looked over at the growing price meter.

            “Oh, about 25 bucks more.”

            “Shit!” I groaned taking out my pistol.

            They were getting pretty close, one woman started staggering faster. I took aim and popped a shot hitting her in between the eyes.

            “Larry I think this would be a good time to tell you I only have one mag with 7 rounds now!”

            “No ya don’t open the rear door.”

            I opened it and looked in there was an ammo box and a duffle bag

            “OK now what?!”

            “Open the bags front zip pocket!”

            I unzipped the bag and inside was another .45 with 5 magazines.

            “Holy shit Larry!”

            I grabbed the pistol and put the mags in my waist line and closed the door; I held up both arms and began to fire at the group.

            I fired two shots from my right into a mans chest and head; one from my left into a large women.

            “Pop, pop, pop!” we kept firing then my slide went back in my right hand.

            I saw a runner pushing its way through the crowd, I hit the magazine eject and grabbed the empty mag and put it in my pocket. 

            He broke through and came running at me, I kicked him back and using my left gun I put a bullet in his head; the slide went back.  I looked at the gas gauge it was just under the 25 mark.

            “Fuck it we gotta get outta here!” I yelled running toward the pump.

            I pulled out the nozzle the gas still running; I began to spray the gas everywhere.

            “Larry get in the car!” I called out

            He nodded and ran to the drivers’ seat starting the car, I sprayed it a little more and dropped the nozzle, walked to the back seat, got in and rolled down the window.  As we began to speed off I flicked my cigarette at the puddle of gas.     

            Flames began to roar up, the zombies where walking through it catching themselves on fire.  We hung left onto the street and sped off, the zombies made it to the street, burning and walking in circles; then all of a sudden.


            The gas pumps blew up, I could see the cloud of smoke filling the sky.

            “Holy shit!  Nice work Dan!” Larry howled

            We where going pretty fast, swerving through some cars in the middle of the road.  We hung a left and Larry began to slow down.  We just got outta the hot zone alive, but barley.

            I couldn’t believe how lucky the 3 of us were, we always end up getting out by the skin of our teeth. 

            We drove for a little while, talking about what TV shows we wanted to see.  What we might do to better ourselves after this was over.  Just conversation to keep us from going insane.

            We kept our distance from the highway to avoid being stuck with abandoned cars.  We turned down a street when.

            “Dan!  Dan look a chopper!” Larry said slowing down

            A Chinook helicopter flew over the car heading east.

            “Well looks like the radio broadcast was right this looks like a contingency.” I said.

            “Contingency? What do you mean condtin…” Kylee was cut off

            There was a sound of heavy gun fire on the right of the car, the tires gave out and we crashed into the side of a house.  My head was blurry but I saw Larry he was messed up he looked unconscious and Kylee was badly injured.

            “Chug, chug, chug!” more shots hit the rear of the car pushing the car around.

            It stopped and I heard voices yell out.

            “Hell yeah I got it! Get sum!!!”

            “Where they military?” I thought but my head kept spinning




some will live some will die... but be prepared to shoot the one you love... or die yourself
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