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or---- Proof i am not wasting my time mom! 

12-year-old uses World of Warcraft skills to save his sister from moose attack

For proof that videogames can teach survival and teamwork, look no further than the story of 12-year-old Hans, a Norwegian boy who rescued his sister from a charging moose. All thanks to lessons he'd learned in World of Warcraft.

Though this happened a couple of years ago, it's a perennial tale of nerd triumph. According to Next Nature:

Hans and his sister got into trouble after they had trespassed the territory of the moose during a walk in the forest near their home. When the moose attacked them, Hans knew the first thing he had to do was ‘taunt' and provoke the animal so that it would leave his sister alone and she could run to safety. ‘Taunting' is a move one uses in World of Warcraft to get monsters off of the less-well-armored team members.

Once Hans was a target, he remembered another skill he had picked up at level 30 in ‘World of Warcraft' – he feigned death. The moose lost interest in the inanimate boy and wandered off into the woods. When he was safely alone Hans ran back home to share his tale of video game-inspired survival.

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Interesting, still hate the game lol
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